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Bhcosmetics Review + Makeup look

Happy Monday to all! I hope you started the week on a good note 😁 Without further ado let's hop in into this week's first post!

So, recently I bought some makeup from Bhcosmetics and they finally arrived last week. When I say finally it means that it took them 11 days from order date to arrive at my house (yes, I'm impatient when it comes to online orders!πŸ™ˆ).

My order consisted of the Carli Bybel 10 Colour Eyeshadow & 4 Colour Highlighter Palette, 15pc Rose Gold Brush Set and 3 BH Liquid Lipsticks in the shades Clara, Endora and Lust. These items costed me around 55eu excluding shipping and handling which in my opinion is really affordable, especially since their quality is exceptionally good! What did put me off from buying more items frequently is that shipping is more expensive than the makeup products themselves, but I guess it's expected as its an American company.

Look at how amazing they all are 😍😍!! To try out these products I decided to actually apply a full face of makeup (even though I stayed inside - shame!😧). I took this approach so that I could play around with most of the brushes and the palette as well. The Liquid Lipsticks I tried them all on cause I couldn't resist not knowing how I look with them on πŸ™ˆ! 

Let's start off with the brushes first, they are to die for! Very soft and the rose gold detail makes them more worthwhile (I'm slightly obsessed with rose gold right now!). This is my first brush set and I'm absolutely in love! It consists of 15pcs which I think covers basically most of what you'd need for personal makeup applications. 

I started by applying my foundation with the classic foundation brush - duuuh! It applied my foundation quite well as a brush, however when compared to my Nyx foundation brush, I thought that it could have been more densely packed.  At first I was afraid it would leave streaks on my face - I have a phobia of having a streaky or cakey face - however I refrained myself from picking up my beauty blender and blending it out, although I did give it a bit of help using the powder brush as it is a very densely packed brush and extremely soft! This resulted in a flawless finish to my foundation.

Then I moved on to eyeshadow obviously using the Carli Bybel palette. I started out by applying the lightest shade (1) all over my lid using the large classic brush.

The brush picked up enough product with just two swipes - this could be so because every colour from the palette is super pigmented! Then using the tapered smudge brush I applied colour 4 which is a taupey colour into my whole crease. After adding enough dimension into the crease I picked up colour 5, which is darker than colour 4 and has more purple shades than brown in it. I used this with the same brush as before and added it into the outer part of the crease and into my outer corner to add more dimension. I really loved this colour as it was a colour I had never tried before and also it's a perfect colour for fall! 

With the curved shading brush I picked up colour 2 which is a peachy shimmering colour and applied it onto my whole eyelid, this gave off contrast with the other colours especially with the purple shade. To even things out I applied colour 8 which is a perfect rose gold colour onto half of my eyelid starting from the middle, onto the outer part. After this I blended it all out with the blending brush which is one of the most amazing brushes I have ever used!

After brushing my eyebrows with the brush and lash grooming brush , I filled in my eyebrows using shade 10 - I usually do not bother with my eyebrows as I like them natural. I did this with the small detailing brush. Then using the same brush I applied the colour Blackout from the Naked Palette 2 as eyeliner. I used eyeshadow as right now I do not have gel liner, so as to still try out this brush for the application of eyeliner I thought it best to use eyeshadow. Although there was some fall off I found it really easy to apply a fine line and the wing came out perfectly in just a few seconds, whereas usually I spend a whole lot of time arranging the wings with concealer.

I then applied concealer under my eyes to highlight and remove any eyeshadow which might have fallen off. I blended this out with the large classic shadow brush and to make the wing more sharp I applied some concealer using the small detailing brush. Both brushes did the work wonderfully.

To make it more of a smokey eye look I added some of the colour 5 on my outer half of  the lower lash line using the small detailing brush again (I removed any concealer by wiping it with a tissue). Also to make my eyes pop more I added some of the 2nd shade on the inner corner of my eyes using the tapered smudge brush.

After applying mascara I used the brow and lash grooming brush to remove any clumpiness - this worked quite okay but it isn't a step that I'll be doing every time I apply mascara.

I applied powder all over my face using the powder brush - I cannot rave more about how perfect this brush is! Then using the angled powder and blush brush I applied some blush, it worked perfectly picking up enough product to achieve the full flushed cheeks effect😢😢.  Using the same brush but squishing it to make it thinner I applied highlighter shade number 2 over my cheekbones and under my brow bone to highlight the areas. This highlighter is the ABSOLUTE BOMB! So pigmented it could blind you with just one swipe!

It was time for the most exciting part - LIPSTICK❤. I decided to try them all out with this look and surprisingly enough they all went well with it. Starting from the lightest shade - Endora, it has a slightly pinkish tone to it. For those who know me knows that I do not like pink. However I surprised myself with this one as I loved it! Its a good daytime shade or for those nights when you went full out on eye makeup that you'd wish to keep your lips simple.

I took a screen shot from the site as from the photos I took it was showing more its pink tone than the actual shade. So I thought it best to give you the screen shot from the actual site and then there is going to be a swatches picture inserted below.

The 2nd shade I tried on was Clara. This is a beautiful medium brown colour which is suitable both for daytime and nighttime. 

The last shade is Lust, I ADORE this colour! It is my favourite shade from the 3 I picked out. Its a dark brown colour with red undertones. This shade is perfect for fall and I'm sure I will be reaching out for it often in the coming months! 

All the Liquid Lipsticks are easy to apply with a velvety formula, although I found the applicator a bit harder to work with compared with the Nyx soft matte lip cream's applicator. Its full coverage formula let's you apply perfect opaque application in just one go. In terms of dryness, as with all liquid lipstick they are a bit drying. I applied them without lip balm underneath to test this out and when they dried out, my lips didn't feel as if they were cracking or uncomfortable. Also they dry out to a soft matte finish which is then hard to remove (preventing smudging ) - I had to use coconut oil to remove them.  So, all in all, they have a great application and I would recommend them in a wink of an eye to anyone out there who is looking for a great liquid lipstick. 

I hope you liked this Review + Makeup Look. A little disclaimer : I am no makeup artist and what I know about makeup I've learnt it from videos and trial and error so if something I did is wrong I'm sorry - however please feel free to leave comments or send an email to criticise and correct me,  I would love to learn more! 

That is all for today, thank you all for reading! See you again on Friday
With Love,

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