Monday, 12 September 2016

Stationery and Office ideas

School is fast approaching so I thought about tackling the subject with something I actually like about going back to school and that is stationery. Yes, I LOVE stationery and I'm hoping that I'm not the only one out here.
From quirky notebooks to adorable erasers I've browsed some websites offering a variety of stationery and office equipment keeping student budget in mind.

Let's start out with something that everyone needs for sure - pencil cases!
The 1st pencil case I picked out is this simple but gorgeous cotton canvas pencil case from PaperChase ( ) at just €11!

Another pencil case I picked from PaperChase is this leather leaf printed one, although a little more expensive (€19)  this could also be used as a makeup bag as it is bigger.

The last one which I picked from PaperChase is just absolutely perfect for young kids and/or someone creative. It actually contains 6 felt pens with it to use to colour in your own pencil case . I wish I was really creative to design properly this one because I can imagine it being absolutely gorgeous and cool once finished! (You can also fill your time during boring lectures πŸ˜‰) I recommend this pencil case for those creative ones out there, grab it for just €13! (If you do send your designs we'd love to see them 😁)

Who doesn't need some motivation during the scholastic year? Well this pencil case is perfect to remind you that 'you did your best'! Added bonus - it's actually metallic gold from the inside 😍. This pencil case is available from thefoxandstar for just €15.84

Want to keep things simple? Then this pencil case is perfect for you! Available from thefoaxandstar for just €9.97

These quirky pencil cases are the ones which I picked up from PaperDucks. With a choice of 3 each at €6.21 they have fun sayings on them such as Lovely Pencils, Fancy Pens. Crayons by appointment only'.  

Next up has to be the longest section of this blog post - notebooks,  journals and diaries. Let me just apologise immediately as there were so many beautiful  (yes, they are beautiful to meπŸ™ˆ) designs that I couldn't just cut out some of them out. Okay, let's just get into it then : 

First up is this beautifully coloured notebook from PaperChase. This is perfect both for jotting down important everyday notes - maybe appointments or assignments - and also as a journal. Get inspired and write off your thoughts on this simple yet elegant notebook. There is also a smaller option which costs €14 while in the size pictured above it costs €19. 

Another notebook picked up from PaperChase is ombre pigmented with inspiring words on its cover.  The spiral makes it easier to write on and the hardcover makes it durable and therefore perfect for carrying it in your bag without damaging it. Price : €13. 

I'm all about motivation and trying to do my best every year, so I obviously fell in love with this diary as the words This is my Year inspired me immediately. Cheesy I know, but I couldn't resistπŸ™ˆ.  Ths diary from Mi Goals is all about reaching your goals and dreams. It has goal setting pages, weekly goals and habits section, monthly budget section and inspiring quotes throughout the diary. Although this is more on the pricey side at €31.22, I found it at a discounted price for just €7.81! 

Another similar diary to the previous one is the above. Also from Mi Goals this diary is a condensed version of the previous diary. 

Getting down to business these diaries give no shit except for the shit you have to get done. Just the perfect description for university work - assignments and presentations? Oh, you mean that shit? Yeah, got it handled with these diaries πŸ˜….  There are various other designs available from Mi Goals. 

Get writing in style with this notebook from TheFoxAndStar, personally I think that this notebook is perfect to use for travelling, jot down your adventures and memories of the beautiful places you visit so that the details will never be lost. 

Last but not least, I picked this gorgeous journal from TheFoxAndStar. How BEAUTIFUL is it? 😍 Also, not shown in the picture is the fact that it has gold page edges, so when its closed the sides are freakin' gold. Sorry, brb I just fell in love. 

Okay, sorry I lied that wasn't the last one πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ last few though, I promise πŸ™†. This one is from PaperDucks, and come on if this isn't on point I don't know what is. How many times have you tried -and failed - to organise your life out? Speaking from experience, I'd say countless timesπŸ˜…. Well, now you can try to do that on a diary that actually speaks your thoughts.  

First of all, how cute is this tough cookie?😍 Secondly, and I'm not saying this lightly, you can actually scratch the front and smell the scent of freshly baked cookies. I MEAN OHMYGAD!! 

Totally unnecessary for some but invaluable for others, this diary is meant to make you see and count your blessings and achievements. You may have had a bad week but I'm sure that something during that week was worth living. Reflect on your week and write down your thoughts on this beautiful diary from thegreengables. 

Enough diaries and notebooks, you have enough choice to last you a decade (at least πŸ˜‚). Onto the next and last section of this long but worthy post. Knick and knacks which may be used to decorate your desk space and make it more bearable and also some items which makes note-taking easier and more fun. 

Want to skip the whole notebook and diaries thing but still keep academic dates in order? Well this is the perfect solution for you! An academic planner to write when exams are coming and when assignments are due. (You can do this yourself if you have enough patience using excel and word or any other app which enables you to do such things). Or you can skip the hassle and buy it from thegreengables. 

Okay, can we just stop and admire these sticky notes? 

It just hurts to see how they speak to me -on every level. Procrastination? Well that's me I'm here πŸ™‹. Needing motivation to get sh*t done? Well, I'm pleased to meet you πŸ˜‚. 

Revision tags - speaks for themselves don't they ? I mean if you forget things easily just like I do these quick reminders will get you sorted out. Don't forget that you don't have to study that paragraph  (who does that !?). 

I cannot fathom how adorable these paper clips are 😍 I WANT THEM ALL 😫. 

Keep things in order with these "to-do lists". Save time trying to remember what you have to get done and never forget anything anymore. 

Marking your notes or pages? Use these to actually express how you feel while studying. I'm sure  some emojies will be used up quicker than others such as 😨and 😭. But as least you'll be making studying a bit more fun and bearable. 

Leaving these cuties for last 😍. Like COME ON!!! Nope, I cannot handle their cuteness. Litte erasers in the form of animals (animal lover over here πŸ™‹πŸ™‹). Just look at that panda. And the monkey. And I'm gonna stop. 

There were Soooo many other things which I would have liked to include in this post but it would have been never ending then πŸ˜…πŸ˜…. Hope you enjoyed scrolling through these items just as much as I enjoyed searching. Sites used are going to be listed below and if you need to ask any questions feel free to leave a comment or send us an email. 

Happy Monday to all ! 
We'll see you next Wednesday for our first travel post❤
With love, 

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