Monday 11 June 2018

Top 11 Best Dressed at the Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards 2018

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? It's been waaay too long, I know! Exams, work and studying got the best of me but I'm back for a while (I'm still not completely done with exams!) but very soon I'll be able to get back into the routine of things and I am honestly so excited.

I know that the hype for Malta Fashion Week is over now but that doesn't mean that I am not going to talk about some of the best dressed influencers that attended this year! Unfortunately, this year I had to miss it due to exams being right around the corner, but nonetheless I was still following everything that was going on! It was so hard to pick just one outfit out of the many outfits that each blogger/influencer wore!! Let's get into the best dressed influencers shall we? 

These eleven people I will be mentioning are not in any particular order.

1. Tamara Webb

Tamara was one of those people which was so hard for me to pick just one outfit of hers. I loved all of them but my favourite would have to be the one she wore to the Awards Night. If you follow Tamara, you know that she calls her followers QUEENS and let me just tell you that night she was absolutely a QUEEN. The simplicity of her hair and makeup and the stunning dress was absolutely a complete package. I mean, could you expect anything less amazing from Tamara? She nails EVERY.SINGLE.OUTFIT.

2. Grazielle Camilleri

This woman was one of the few people that every night when I used to see what she was wearing I would say, 'Wow, she really cannot top this dress!' and yet the next day she would have an even more amazing outfit - GOALS. My favourite outfit of hers would have to be the one she wore on the second day of Malta Fashion Week. This peachy-coral gown was absolutely beautiful - she looked like an actual princess! Her outfits were just...stunning!

3. Sarah Zerafa

Having over 33k followers on Instagram, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated to talk to her the first time I met her at an event. However, the moment I talked to her I realized just how down-to-earth, sweet and funny this woman is. Although her style is not always something that I would wear, I loved her outfits at this year's Malta Fashion Week. However, my favourite would have to be the white dress she wore to the Malta Fashion Awards. She absolutely looked gorgeous. The headpiece, the makeup, the hair and the dress were absolutely award-winning material!

4. Danita Camilleri

I've never met this beauty face to face but I follow her Insta stories religiously every morning! She cracks me up every single day and whenever I used to be bored or sad (exam season you know?), I would go to Instagram and only hope that there is a new story by Danita that I can watch to change my mood! My favourite outfit of hers was the one she wore on Day 4! She SLAYED! Her mother made the outfit for her and I absolutely loved it. Danita has such a unique style which I totally like on her but I would definitely see me wearing this outfit - that skirt was just so pretty!

5. Shanel De Battista

Again, I don't know this woman but I followed her after I saw her at an event I went to just a couple of days before Malta Fashion Week. I followed all of her outfits and I absolutely fell in love with her style - she's just so pretty!! My favourite outfit would have to be the one she wore to the Awards Night. Some of you may see it as too simple for an Awards Night but in my opinion she looked absolutely stunning in it! The simplicity of the black dress and the detail of the top part of the dress was just incredible! 

6. Caroline Paris

This woman was one of the master minds behind the organization of such a big event in Malta. She is the sweetest woman ever and I absolutely fell in love with the dress she wore for Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week! You can never go wrong with a black and white dress right? Amazing Caroline!

7. Jade Zammit Stevens

Jade was one of the nominees for the Fashion Influencer Award. Her outfit for Day 3 was gorgeous. Her skirt was Gaetano Couture and I'm honestly head over heels about his collections. What I loved most was the stunning lime shade of the skirt - such summery vibes!!

8. Marie Claire Portelli

This woman wore a stunning strapless black maxi dress with gold detailing which was absolutely gorgeous. Just like Danita's, this dress was made by Marie Claire's mum with the help of Marie Claire! She looked so beautiful and I thought that this was perfect for Awards Night. Marie Claire was one of those people which I followed all week and loved every single outfit of hers that she wore during Fashion Week!

9. Victoria Rotchenkova

Again, another beautifully made gown by Gaetano for the Awards Night. Victoria slayed in this outfit - she looked absolutely stunning and I couldn't help but notice all the little details in this dress. Her makeup and sleek hair just made the outfit look ten times better plus I mean Victoria is absolutely beautiful - so I'm pretty sure there isn't an outfit that would really look bad on her!

10. Daniela Micallef

This blogger absolutely impresses me with her outfits. Did you know that she is a mummy? I know right?! I hope I'll look this good when I am a mummy haha!! Her outfits are absolutely amazing but my favourite one would have to be the black dress! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and it might be a bit out of your comfort zone but I think she looked absolutely stunning in it. Props to her for actually wearing this risky dress but in my opinion she NAILED IT!

11. Valentina Rossi

Her red dress with a plunging V-line looked phenominal! Valentina is such a beauty, such a sweet heart and so down-to-earth. I know this was Fashion Week and all but if you follow Valentina you would know that she hosts a radio show and she lost a bet and she had to wear a LOSER t-shirt during the fashion show (which by the way she was seated in the first row!). I thought it was hilarious but nonetheless I still liked how she made the outfit look! I know that if the designer of this dress read this would probably kill me haha but I don't know, in my opinion Valentina like all of the talented influencers I mentioned before, simply stuns any outfit she wears.

And those were my favourite 11 outfits from the Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards! Which ones were your favourite? 

I'll talk to you very soon and I promise I am going to be back in full swing after I finish my exams!

Deborah X