Wednesday 24 October 2018

Leather Skirts for Transitioning to Winter

Hi everyone! I'm back with another outfit post for today. I paired this outfit together when I went to Sicily a couple of weeks ago because I really wanted to use pieces of clothing that I already own without having to wear the same look again.  I tried styling the pieces differently to create different outfits than what I usually wear. Therefore, I decided to shoot this with my photographer last weekend and explain to you how I chose the pieces for this outfit. Also, my Ortigia Lookbook & Travel Guide will soon be up!

Let's get on with the outfit shall we?

For my top I chose this beautiful detail top that I've had for a while. It's got such beautiful patterns on the back of it and it's also see through. The front of the shirt has these embroidery that in my opinion give the outfit a different style to it and I simply love it. 

Lately, I've loved the ideas of pairing tulle and leather together so that's what I did in this outfit. I wore this black leather skirt because let's face it, I want to start getting ready for when I get to wear this skirt with knee-high boots for the colder days! But, until that happens I simply paired the leather skirt with this embroidered white top.

I opted for court heels to tie this outfit together and what's better than keeping the black & white colour scheme than with this classic piece? To add that pop of colour to the outfit, I wore my coral clutch bag which I thought simply ties the outfit together really well.

What do you think of this outfit? I think it's perfect for the current weather that we've been having. It's still not that cold yet so might as well enjoy these sunny days before we get used to the cold and the rain!

Wishing you all a great day - talk to you soon!

Deborah X

Outfit Details:

Top - Bershka
Skirt - River Island
Shoes - Forever 21
Clutch Bag - Parfois

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Friday 12 October 2018

Trying out Golden Rose Cosmetics - Review, Swatches & Makeup Look

Hi beauties! It's finally Friday, time to relax and enjoy the weekend! A couple of days ago Beauty Cosmos sent me these product to try out and review. One of their brands is Golden Rose Cosmetics. Now if you have been following me for a while, you know that despite the fact that they sent me the products I will still give you my 100% honest opinion and review on ALL the products. If you'd like to check out the review I did with another set of products last year, you can check it out here.

We've got eight products in total to review so without further ado, let's get into it!

The first two products I got are the Liquid Matte Lipsticks, one is in the shade 28 and the other one is in number 29. The colours are very similar to each other and they are a very pigmented shade of dark fucshia - with number 29 being slightly more shimmery (despite the fact that it dries out as matte). They are not drying at all and they last a really long time - I wore number 28 last Saturday and it lasted all night. Plus when I got home and removed it, it didn't smudge or leave a pigmented undertone on my lips.

Now the next couple of products are from the new collection Diamond Breeze.  The first thing I tried out is the Shimmering Highlighter in the shade 02 Champagne which as you can see is in a liquid form. I applied this lightly on my cheek bones and I was IMPRESSED by the pigmentation. If you want your highlight game to be strong, then you have GOT to get this!

This next product is quite new to me in the sense that I do not own that many liquid eyeshadows so I was pleased to try out this Shimmering Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade 01 24K Gold. You can either apply this all over the lid and then build up the eyeshadow look with browns and yellows since this is a gold shade. What I love to do is first applying eyeshadow like normal with similar shades to gold, so again I would go for browns, yellows or maybe some burnt orange and then apply only a small amount of the liquid eyeshadow in the middle of my eyelid to create contrast within the eye look.

In the makeup look below I decided to try something new - so I went for a purple-burgundy eyeshadow look and then used this liquid eyeshadow as a contrast.

One of their lipsticks from this collection is the Shimmering Lipstick in the shade 04 Plum Sparkle. The lipstick shade is so gorgeous - I got lost just staring at it haha! You can clearly see sort of glitter specs on the lipstick itself and when you apply it on your lips it comes out looking so perfect! Obviously, this does not have a matte formula and it is not 100% opaque.

Next up is the Shimmering Lip Topper in the shade 03 Nude Sparkle. I love the nude-bronzy colour it has which compliments any type of lipstick you want to add some sparkle to! You simply apply this on top of your favourite lipstick!

The Matte Metallic Lipstick in the shade 58 Plum also has such a beautiful metallic shade which is long lasting, has a matte finish and gives full coverage. If you're looking for new products that can get you ready for fall time - this is the shade for you!

And finally onto our last product I tried out the Shimmering Body Glow in the shade 01 Dazzle Gold. This product is super easy to use - if you want to add that extra glow to your body, maybe you're going out for a night out or with Halloween coming up you want to create a makeup look which is super glistening and glittery or even just going out for dinner and just want to add some sparkle (which by the way looks extremely natural!), then I highly suggest this product.

That's it for today's post, have a lovely weekend everyone! 

Deborah X

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Uriage launches NEW Anti-Aging Range

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that yesterday evening I was invited to the launch of Uriage's Anti-Aging Range. The event was very well set up and planned and I loved how we had an informative session where we got a bit more familiar with the range. It was also so nice to catch up with my blogger friends.

Onto the new range..

The base of the products from this brand is thermal water which flows across the French Alps. This thermal water builds a barrier around your skin. 

80% of women's skin aging is due to exposome. This is the combination of environmental and lifestyle factors that impact skin aging.  This includes UV rays, pollution, stress, fatigue and cigarette smoke. Now recently, a new exposome has been found which is present in our lives (without even knowing!). This is the BLUE LIGHT. 

Blue light is produced by LED and digital screens generating a visible light intensity. Blue light in particular is up to 1000 times higher than the eye comfort threshold. We are exposed to an average of six hours of blue light EVERY DAY - that's three months in a whole year! We are exposed to this exposome mostly when we are on our phones or on our computers - which I'm pretty sure everybody uses!

There are a couple of steps that one can do to prevent your skin from aging such as removing your makeup and cleaning your face everyday, drinking at least 1.5 litres of water per day, using moisturizers to nourish our skins and use anti-aging products.

Uriage's new range contains seven products which target normal to dry skin and normal to combination skin including multi-action creams, eye contour, serums, night cream and peeling night cream.

I have been given an eye contour and night cream to try out and will definitely let you know my thoughts on them on both my Instagram and Facebook page in the coming weeks. 

I'd like to thank Uriage for the invite to this amazing event! I hope you liked today's post and I'll talk to you later on this week with the second blogpost for this week.

Deborah X

Saturday 6 October 2018

5 minute makeup look! #BacktoSchool

It's finally the WEEKEND! How's school or university going?! I'm here today to help you out and make your life a tad easier. Today I will be showing you my five minute makeup look I have been wearing to work or university. This is suitable for anyone, whether you're a student or a full time employee!

I don't like wearing a lot of makeup to university but obviously feel free to alter this look to your liking!

1st step: Concealer

We have GOT to cover those under eye circles, any blemishes, redness or spots. I love using the Maybelline Instant Anti Age Corrector. I'm in the shade 01 Light. I apply that under my eyes and a bit on my forehead.

2nd step: Pressed Powder

I have been using the Artdeco Sun Protection Powder Foundation just to help with mattifying the concealer that we just applied.

3rd step: Blush

I normally look quite pale in the morning so I put on some blush to add a pop of colour to my cheeks. I have been using the Milani Baked Powder Blush in 03 Berry Amore.

4th step: Brows

I don't do much to my eyebrows as I am going for light makeup. I found the Catrice Eyebrow Stylist to work best because you don't need any brushes to apply it - you have one end that has the eyebrow pencil and the other end you have the spooly brush to fix everything in place. I just use light strokes to quickly fill in my sparse areas.

5th step: Lashes & Mascara

I don't like putting on heaps of mascara but I love when my eyes pop out so I apply quite a generous amount of mascara to my lashes. What I recently found really helpful is to use an empty mascara bottle and use the wand to go through my lashes to remove any excess mascara and with any product I would have on my wand, I use that to apply it to my lower lashes. For this I use the Catrice Little Black One Volume Mascara.

6th step: Lips

Finally, the lest step would be putting on lip balm on my lips. I LOVE the Uriage Moisturizing Lipstick. If you like adding some colour to your lips you can always opt for a coloured lip balm.

And that is it! In my opinion, the finished makeup look looks quick, easy and makes you look put together.

That's it for today, wishing you all a happy weekend!

Deborah X

Tuesday 2 October 2018

Tips for #BacktoSchool 2018

Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing okay. Another summer has come and gone and another scholastic year has begun too. Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a big GOODLUCK for their upcoming scholastic year.

With the beginning of another term at university I usually feel motivated because I would be starting a new chapter & I would be a step closer towards achieving my goals. I was talking with a colleague of mine who is also a student and I was wondering on what I should write next on the blog. She gave me the idea of writing about tips on how to stay organized and motivated during this coming year. I decided to compile some tips that I thought would be useful to anyone who wants to ace this year! Truthfully, I haven't mastered ANY of these but I just feel that when I look for things I can do to stay on track, it actually motivates me to do them..does it make sense to you? Maybe!

Without further ado, let's get into these - let me know if you like these kind of posts and feel free to leave a comment below with any of your tips. Thank you Laura for your suggestion!

1. Wake up earlier

Waking up early is one thing, but waking up a couple of minutes before your alarm actually has a lot of benefits. When giving your body enough time to wake up, have a coffee, prepare yourself for school/university will help you with staying motivated. Imagine waking up 10 minutes before leaving the house or leaving at least 45 minutes before leaving the house, leaving enough time to have breakfast, do your hair, put on a nice outfit and just look presentable in general! I don't know about you but when I know I don't have to rush to get things done in the morning helps me 'believe' that I'm slacking from being on time on the first week of school!

2. Have a KILLER playlist 

Spend a couple of minutes choosing carefully a number of songs you would want to listen to in the morning - I would go for upbeat and fun songs. If you listen to these in the morning, take my word for it - you'll enter your classes like you OWN the place haha! Music in the morning will set the mood for you and you'll feel you can do anything! And let's face it - we all need that extra boost in the morning!

3. Plan your day

Even if you're not a planner type of person I feel that when you plan your week and seeing how everything will fit in your schedule helps you stay more organized. You'll start the week knowing what needs to get done every day.

4. Create a to-do list

If you have a lot of tasks that you need to complete, list them down on a piece of paper and plan them accordingly. It's proven that by ticking or marking the things that you get done will help you stay more motivated because knowing that you're getting things done and crossing them over from your list will get you hyped up to complete the next task!

5. Set aside ME time

We all need our 'me time' to unwind and relax. Find what relaxes you or what you enjoy doing whether it's taking a dance class, going to the gym, taking a nap or having a bath. Switch off your phone and just unwind for a bit - this will help especially when you have a thousand and one things to do and you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

6. Gratitude List & Using a Journal

Find time in your week to journal your day. Even if you don't like writing or you're not good at it, just find some time to jot everything down - what you loved about your day, what made you angry, what can be improved or any other thoughts that you might have on your mind. By creating a gratitude list, you'll feel better on days when you just don't know where to begin from. It will help with getting everything out of your brain and trust me - you'll feel SO much better!

That is all for today's post. I hope that these six tips will help you in some way or another to stay motivated and organized throughout this year.

As you answered in the polls on both Facebook and Instagram, you will be getting two posts EACH week! I will try my best to bring you great content each and every time but bear with me until I get used to the routine-thing again! I was thinking of posting a beauty/fashion post and a lifestyle/travel post every week - let me know what you think of that or if you have any other suggestions!

Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Deborah X