Sunday 25 December 2016

Outfit Post #Blogmas

I want to begin today's post by wishing everybody reading this a blessed Happy Christmas. I hope that you spent your day with your loved ones and that you enjoyed it to the full. I decided to post a blog post today as at this time most of you would be relaxing on the sofa and I thought it would be perfect timing to end the #blogmas on a good note! Hope you enjoyed it!

For this post I decided to give you a simple outfit look. Thank you goes to my friend Ilona for helping me out!

For this outfit Ilona wear a pair of blue jeggings together with a bright orange sweater to compliment the beautiful scarf she wore. She then threw on a light mustard coat since it was slightly windy and finished the outfit with a pair of black booties.


Unfortunately as I said in the beginning  this will be the last #blogmas post. I'm super sorry that I did not manage to get all 25 posts up but I did not know I was going to be this busy with life and university. I will be posting some updates on what will happen of Distorted Priorities later on this week. Thank you for your endless support and if you have any suggestions on blog post ideas feel free to message us on our facebook page.

With Love,

Friday 23 December 2016

Deborah Milano Event at Remedies Pharmacy #Blogmas

Hi guys! Today I have a special post for you! I will be talking to you about a brand that I have been loving a lot lately and have been using for quite a while now and that is Deborah Milano. In fact I recently wrote a post reviewing their Dress me Perfect Foundation which you can read here.

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a workshop that was held at Remedies Pharmacy in Birkirkara. It was such a well planned and interesting workshop.

The first speaker talked to us about our skin and showed us how our skin routine should be in order to have a flawless skin and feel confident in it without the need to apply makeup to feel beautiful. She also explained what each product does to our skin and which products should we use.

Afterwords, the renowned makeup artist Violet Vella gave us a demonstration on a live model on which colours to use when it comes to eyeshadows and about complimenting your eyeshadow colours with your lip and blush colours so that everything is in harmony. She gave us a couple of tips and tricks that were very interesting and created a simple yet beautiful makeup look on the model.

You can find Deborah Milano products at any of the Remedies Pharmacy. They've got a huge range of Deborah Milano products as well as other makeup brands plus several skin care products. I would like to thank Suzette and her team for the invitation and all the lovely speakers for all the tricks and tips they gave us!

Should you have any questions feel free to contact Remedies Pharmacy and they'd be happy to help!

With love,

Travel Essentials: Carry On Must-Haves + Airport outfit #Blogmas

Hi beauties,

I'd like to apologize for lacking on blogmas but university sucked the life out of me 😭 I'm going to try my best to get as many posts up as I possibly can!

For today's post I will be taking you though my carry on essentials and my airport outfit. A lot of people travel during the Christmas and festive period to spend some time with their loved ones so I thought this would be appropriate. Let's go!

I have to admit I'm quite an over packer but this time I made a promise to myself NOT to overpack. The only reason was so that I could have more space for things that I buy from there!!

1. Impulse Body Fragrance

The first thing I took with me is a travel-size fragrance. The limit of liquids or sprays that you can take with you is 100ml and these travel sized ones are only 75ml. I put them in a plastic bag as you have to take them out when you are doing your check in. I recently started using the Impulse Body fragrances and I have been carrying them wherever I go. They're small so they can even fit in your handbag where you can carry your essentials while you're travelling plus they're really good for refreshing yourself after you've had a long flight or a long day of travelling.  There are three different sets of Impulse Body Fragrance which you can also opt to give as a gift for Christmas as they're affordable and they're a great way of showing some love this Christmas 😍 You can find these sets in many local shops, however if you have any questions you can contact the Impulse Malta team on Facebook and they would be happy to help you. 

2. Headphones and/or a book

Whether you have a noisy or talkative person next to you on the plane and you want to politely tell them to leave you alone headphones are the way to go!! For those of you that do not like to listen to music on the plane, you can always take a book with you and it will keep you company throughout the flight!

3. A small makeup bag

I like to carry a small makeup bag in my hand-luggage (apart from all the makeup in the main luggage) for touch-ups especially if you arrive at your destination in the morning and you only have some time to touch up your makeup before you go out and start exploring the city! Pay attention to the milliliters of the products or the weight since this is a hand-luggage. What I like to do is take some samples with me so that it will be easier to carry. In my makeup bag I like to keep a mascara and a pencil eyeliner for touch ups, a lip balm for moisturizing my lips and a powder foundation with a sponge or brush and if your skin gets super oily some blotting sheets so that you can remove all the excess oil after you get off the plane.

4. Snacks

Who doesn't get hungry on flights? Plus sometimes I honestly don't want to pay for the over-priced products they offer on the plane so I like to take a couple of snacks with me for example nuts, cereal bars or a packet of crisps.

5. Gum

I mean after approximately 3 hours on a plane eating food and drinking you'd still want to get off the plane having a fresh breath so I suggest you take a packet of gum with you 😄

As for the outfit I tried to go for a super comfy outfit that I would be able to stay in for the whole flight plus the travelling to the hotel ect. afterwords. Since it was very cold weather in Germany I wore a neon yellow sweater and I threw on my chunky black jacket (I also had a thick black and white scarf). I then paired the knitwear with a pair of simple black trousers and my brown rider boots.

Don't forget to enter our Deborah Milano Christmas giveaway which ends tomorrow at 4pm! All the information will be on our Facebook page.

With Love,

Sunday 18 December 2016

Review: LUSH - Herbalism: Face and Body Cleanser

Today I bring you a different kind of review. This is because it is a brand that I have never reviewed here on Distorted Priorities. I'm talking about LUSH! A couple of days ago I was at Germany and I managed to find a LUSH store. I know that in Malta we do not have one and you cannot purchase products on their website either as they do not ship to Malta but I decided to do this review anyway so that if you're ever in a country where there is LUSH or someone you know is going there you might tell them to buy a couple of things for you!

I will be reviewing Herbalism - Face and Body Cleanser. Since all the ingredients and instructions on how to use the product were all in German I had to ask the sales girl who thankfully could speak English! I told her that I wanted some form of face scrub particularly for areas of excess oil on my skin and blackheads. From the various products she showed me I chose this one.

I looked up what it consists of and how to apply it since all the instructions were in German. ''Its gently exfoliating, deep-cleansing base of kaolin clay and rice bran mops up excess oils, and a toning blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile leaves skin feeling fresh, clean and calm.'' For those wondering this product is also vegan - I will link the product and the site's website on how to use it at the end of the post.

The product's colour is not quite attractive as it has a lime green colour. It's a solid powder type of product if that makes sense - quite similar to a dough. You can use the product wherever you want whether its on your face or legs or neck!

How to use: Break a piece of the product and mix it with warm water to create a paste. Then gently massage onto the desired area, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Although I did not get the perfect consistency as I did get quite a liquidy result (I promise you it's not as disgusting as it looks!) you can keep trying until you get the desired result. To see whether this product actually makes a difference or not I only applied it on my T-zone which recently have been super oily, focusing on the area where I have blackheads. I did not include a photo of the applied product on my face before and after as it is quite explanatory plus I looked like a mini-shrek!

I did like the product because it does help with excess oils and in fact it helped with my makeup because it did stay on much longer (I used this product a couple of times now and I applied various makeup products on my skin). However, I did not see any improvement on my nose area which is where I mostly have blackheads. It did make them feel less harsh if that makes sense but I would not recommend it simply if you want it for blackheads.

And that brings us to the end of today's post! Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know in the comments below if you ever tried any Lush products.

With Love,

Lush - Herbalism

Friday 16 December 2016

Clothing Haul #Blogmas

In yesterday’s blog post I talked to you about my experience at the Nuremberg Christmas Market which you can read here. Today I am going to talk more on the shopping ‘part’ of the trip as well as giving you a run-down of the items I bought. If you’d like to see what makeup products I purchased you can read the blog post here.

To begin with, there were gigantic department stores that had at least 4 or 5 levels of different brands whether it was makeup, food, clothes – you name it ! Obviously I started with the makeup section and believe me when I tell you that I felt as though I was entering heaven – take a look at the photos and tell me what you think!

Onto the clothing section of this post. Just a little disclaimer before I begin: this is NOT my way of bragging – it is simply a haul where I tell you what I bought in hope of giving you some inspiration on what you can buy with the upcoming sales season or to give as gifts. I am only going to show you a photo of the items as I will later on do a couple of outfits with the new pieces.

The first thing I bought is a blue sweater. It’s so comfy! I love the texture and it will definitely keep you warm during the cold season. You can dress it up with a necklace or dress it down by throwing on a casual jacket over it.

Another thing I bought is a green bomber jacket. I already own a black one and I love it so much because I like to wear it when it’s not extremely cold as it isn’t that thick but you still want to cover up! This one is much more padded so it will definitely keep me much warmer.

Now this next item I haven’t worn or bought for at least 5 years (I think). I bought a blue vest with some fur attached to the hood. I love it so much – enough said.

The last thing I bought from this particular shop is a baseball cap. I’ve seen youtubers wear them all the time and although I own a black NIKE one; I feel this is more wintery. It has a velvety texture and it’s colour is a dirty pink.

All of the above items are from H&M.

I then bought a brown pair of booties with some heels and some fur on the outer part of the shoe (as if I don’t have enough boots). You can wear it for a lunch or dinner with family or friends – it’s also very comfortable despite the fact that it has heels. I purchased this item from the women’s section at Tom Tailor.

The last thing I purchased which is probably my favourite is this grey coat. I’ve been meaning to purchase a knee-length coat for a couple of months now but I didn’t find THE one…up until now! It’s so beautiful 💞 The brand is Yorn and I bought it from one of the department stores in Nuremberg.

And that brings us to the end of our clothing haul – hope you enjoyed it and hope that it gave you some sort of inspiration!

Take care everybody and have a great weekend.
With Love,

P.S.: Christmas is only 9 days away!

Thursday 15 December 2016

Nuremberg Christmas Market #Blogmas

As you might have read I was recently at the Nuremberg Christmas Market in Germany. I went for 4 days with my parents and I honestly had so much fun! I really got into the Christmas spirit!!

The Nuremberg Christmas Market is one of the most popular in Europe. The inviting smells of mulled wine and roasted almonds, Nuremberg bratwurst and gingerbread fill the air. And it’s not only the little ones who's eyes twinkle at the sight of all the twinkle lights but also the older ones who won't know from which stand to start first with all the decorative lights and amazing aromas. I honestly did not know what to expect as I could not possibly imagine how on earth can you fill a Christmas market with Christmas related items. 

I felt like a little kid all over again! As soon as we reached the first stop all I could see where Christmas ornaments that included snowmen, Father Christmas, angels and lots more. Hundreds of Christmas Tree decorations such as decorative balls, bells and other hanging ornaments. I felt as though Christmas threw up on the city!

There were various stalls selling different items. My favourite were obviously the ones selling Christmas ornaments. From cute little angels, to hedgehogs, sleighs, reindeers, Father Christmas and anything else you might think of. You can see a couple of the Christmassy things I saw from the photos below. There were other stalls selling all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables and other food-related items from strawberries, rasberries and all other sorts of berries; different types of olives and marinated food. 

Furthermore, there were all sorts of sweets mainly filled with marshmallow mix or made of marzipan. There were marzipan sweets that were made in the shape of different ham and cheese, chocolate covered fruits. Without a doubt the most wanted food items would have to be the bratwurst which are traditional German sausage made from pork. As you can see the options of what you could eat or drink were endless! 

Apart from all the lights and decorations, decorative ornaments and Christmas trees there will be the surrounding shops such as bakery that sell fresh bread and croissants as well as souvenir shops that sell typical Nuremberg gifts - Christmas related of course !

It was such a lovely time and I enjoyed bonding with my parents so much! I highly recommend visiting a Christmas market if you ever get the chance. Hope you enjoyed today's post!

Until next time!

With Love,