Saturday 28 April 2018


Hi beauties! Hope you're all having an amazing day. A couple of days ago I posted my collaboration with Claire from Attaire. We recently went to Milan to watch Harry Styles (yes, we're huge One Direction fans!) and we went to both Sephora & Kiko. However, due to the amount of products we bought (we're not even guilty!) I decided to split the products in two posts - Sephora Haul & Kiko Haul. If you're interested you can check out the entire video here and the Sephora Haul here. I did splurge just a bit at KIKO so let's just get started!

The first thing I got is this Water Eyeshadow in the shade 234. I've never bought anything like it before but I was very intrigued to try it out. The sales girl at KIKO explained to me how to apply it and I also bought the brush to go along with it. I tried it out for a makeup look and let me just tell you, it's PIGMENTED! I also used some setting spray on the brush to make it even pop.

When I went into the store I started looking for a primer because I had one from this brand and I loved it. However the sales girl showed me one of their newest product which is this CC Blur. It acts as a primer but it also helps with correcting your blemishes and spots. I tried it out already and I absolutely love the result it gives you. It literally blurs your imperfections and therefore when you apply the foundation and concealer it helps with having that flawless look!

Next up is this Prime & Fix. I had never bought a setting spray from KIKO but I decided to give it a shot. I tried it out after I had completed my makeup look for a photoshoot a couple of days ago and it really helped with keeping everything in place. In my opinion, I think that this product is perfect for the upcoming season here in Malta. 

This next product I haven't tried out yet - it's the Standout Volume Mascara. I loved the packaging and tube. It's so sleek and shiny! I will let you know what I think of it once I try it out.

Another product I got is this Daring Look Eye Marker. I love how precise it is and how easy it is to create a smooth and thin line on your eyelids. 

Lastly, a product that (again!) is a newbie for me is this one right here. This is a liquid metallic eyeshadow in the shade 02 from their newest collection. Its colour is SO pretty - it's a mix of gold and rose gold and it is so pigmented and metallic. I also used this product int the middle of my eyelid alongside the water eyeshadow that I talked about earlier, to create a bit of a contrast and I absolutely loved it!

All in all, I am honestly obsessed with all of the new products I got from KIKO! It's such an amazing brand and whenever I go abroad and find out there is this brand somewhere in the city, I make it a point to go and visit it!

Happy weekend everyone!

Deborah X

Sephora Haul

Hi beauties! Hope you're all having an amazing day. A couple of days ago I posted my collaboration with Claire from Attaire. We recently went to Milan to watch Harry Styles (yes, we're huge One Direction fans!) and we went to both Sephora & Kiko. However, due to the amount of products we bought (we're not even guilty!) I decided to split the products in two posts - Sephora Haul & Kiko Haul. If you're interested you can check out the entire video here and the Kiko Haul here.

I'm not usually one who buys a lot of skincare products but weirdly enough Sephora had these amazing masks and I've heard so many good things about them that I really wanted to try them out.

All the products I got from both Sephora & Kiko
Items I got from Sephora

I haven't tried all the products that I got but I will still tell you what I got & why I got them! By far, my favourite purchase would have to be the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes. I have been wanting this palette for quite a while now and although I know that Too Faced Palettes are quite expensive, in my opinion I don't mind paying that much on an eyeshadow palette if it means it's of an amazing quality (not willing to spend that much money on for example a foundation though!). I love the colours and as with all other Too Faced Palettes, they're so easy to blend. I created a makeup look with this palette for a photoshoot I had recently - let me know if you would be interested in reading all about it on the blog & I would be more than willing to do that.

The next thing I purchased is a classic red cream lip stain. Claire raved about this one when she got a couple of months ago and so I decided to give it a try and I purchased it too! I just love the pigmentation of this lipstick and how long it stays on considering that it wasn't too expensive! This is in the shade 96 Red Velvet.

Next up are the skin products that I got. What I was most excited to try out were these face masks. They had a huge variety of them but I randomly picked four. I actually already tried the Algae Face Mask.

They all claim to help with different areas of your face but the one I tried out is supposed to purify and detoxifies the skin plus it helps gets rid of impurities for a fresh and radiant complexion. I loved how smooth my face felt right after I used it and it did help with my black heads on my nose too!

Next up is this exfoliating cleansing cream. I haven't found the time to try it out yet but I have been wanting another charcoal cleansing cream because it really helps with my skin impurities and blackheads, let's just hope this is a good one!

Finally, I got the waterproof eye makeup remover because let's face it, I'm too lazy to have a long skin care to routine to remove my makeup because all I want to do after a night out is jump into bed (literally!). Therefore, as soon as I saw this I knew I had to get it because I knew that the process to remove my eye makeup will be faster now!

I also got a couple of samples which I haven't tried out yet but I will let you know once I use them!

Don't forget to check the video here and the Kiko Haul here.

Thank you for all your support guys!

Deborah X

Sunday 22 April 2018

Amsterdam 2018 - Day 4 #Travel

Why am I feeling that these travel blogposts are ending so quickly? I mean, I still have to share with you all about my Milan trip but after that it's coming a bit to a halt with my travelling - exams are coming up heh! BUT I already have an idea of where my next trip might be!

For today I will be sharing with you what we did on our last full day in Amsterdam. 

Zaanse Schans

Our first stop of the day was visiting Zaanse Schans. I had visited this place with my parents about two years ago and although the weather was a bit warmer, it was still as beautiful as I remember it. Zaanse Schans is a neighbourhood of Zaandam, near ZaandijkNetherlands. It has a collection of well-preserved historic windmills and houses. Some of these houses are actually souvenir shops with typical and traditional dutch souvenirs such as tulips and the famous clogs. It's such a peaceful area and I would definitely recommend visiting it if you're ever in Amsterdam.

Ajax Stadium

The Amsterdam Arena is the largest stadium in the country and it is the home of the association football club AFC Ajax. I am personally not a football fan but I still love visiting stadiums - mainly due to the fact that I love seeing how such stadiums can be transformed into anything that is needed; whether there is going to be a football match or a musical concert. Plus, I love trying to understand how football works!

And that's it for today's post! Milan vlogs will be up in the next couple of weeks.

If you missed any of the vlogs or blogposts, I will link everything at the end of the post!

Deborah X

Saturday 21 April 2018

Amsterdam 2018 - Day 3 #Travel

Good morning everyone! I am so excited to be back in full swing with blogposts. As you can see I am trying to be more active and in fact I posted four blogposts this week so make sure to check them out!

For today's blogpost I will be sharing with you our 3rd day in Amsterdam. This means that the vlog for Day 3 and Day 4 is now out and you can check it out here. If you missed the previous vlogs for Day 1 and for Day 2 make sure to watch them too and if you haven't read the blogpost for the first two days you can do so here!

On our third day we went for a day trip to Antwerp, Belgium. To be honest with you I always underestimated the beauty of Belgium. I fell in love with this city and I am definitely visiting it again and visiting other cities in Belgium. I don't why but there's something about it that is so beautiful that makes you just want to explore it. My friend Beverly decided that she will be taking us round the city so she was our tour leader for the day. She got so excited to show us round the city, mind you it was her first time there too! She started looking for information on her phone as we toured the areas and tell us all about it as if she was an actual tour leader!

Het Steen

Our first stop in Antwerp was this magnificent fortification. This literally means ''The Stone Castle''.  It's a medieval fortress and it was built after the Viking attack  as the first stone fortress of Antwerp. It's the oldest building in this city. I don't know why but I was in awe at how stunning this was so I obviously took a couple of photos!

Grote Markt

The Grote Markt  is basically a town square in Antwerp that is situation at the centre of this beautiful city. It is filled with a stunning city hall, many restaurants and cafeterias. While we were in Antwerp we obviously couldn't resist not trying the delicious Belgian waffles that Belgium is so popular for! I can tell you, they tasted AMAZING!

The statue of Nello & Patrasche

Nello and Patrasche are the main characters in the 1872 novel A Dog of Flanders. The story takes place in Hoboken and Antwerp. The Cathedral of Our Lady and various paintings by Rubens play an important role in the novel. Nello, a poor orphan boy, becomes friends with Patrasche, an abandoned cart dog. They walk to town together every day. They often visit the cathedral, where Nello admires the paintings by Rubens. Due to a series of setbacks, the lives of Nello and Patrasche end in that same cathedral. They die together from hardship. This moving and atypical Christmas story holds a message of pride and unconditional friendship.
We also went for a walk with our friends at one of their enormous parks and just took our time to explore the city. The best part was watching the sunset as we waited for our coach to arrive. It was simply stunning!

And that was the end of Day 3, I hope you enjoyed it! Blogpost for our last day will soon be up. In the meantime don't forget to watch the vlog right here.
Thanks for all the support everyone!
Deborah X

Thursday 19 April 2018

Review: Conceal, Contour & Highlight with Rimmel

Hi everyone! Today's post is a beauty related - I haven't done one of these in a while and I honestly miss it! 

A couple of weeks ago I received a package from Rimmel and I got two lovely products: The #Insta Conceal Contour and the #Insta Duo Contour Stick.

First up is the #Insta Conceal Contour. This product comes with three little pans. A Highlight Illuminer, a Conceal Corriger and a Contour Sculptor. These three pans have a creamy consistency and they are actually very easy to blend. I used my beauty blender and dipped the tip of it in the pan and applied that straight on the areas I wanted to put it on. However, I do think that it does not give you full coverage.

Moving on to my favourite product out of the two, the #Insta Duo Contour Stick. I have to be honest with you, I was a bit skeptical to try it out because I prefer powder contour and highlight. I don't know why but I always had this idea that the cream contour would be so hard to blend.

I was actually wrong! I simply use the contour stick on the hollow of my cheeks, a bit on my forehead and a bit beneath my chin. Yes, I do draw slightly thicker lines than I would have done if using the powder but that's because I feel you need more product for the contour and highlight to actually show. As for the highlight I simply apply that on my cheek bones and blend that slightly with my fingers.

All in all, I loved both of these products and I think that for the affordable price, you can get a lot from them.

Applied highlighter on my cheek bones & contoured slightly (marked with dots) on top of my forehead and bottom of my chin and applied generous amounts on the hollows of my cheeks.

Everything blended!

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed this review - I'll talk to you very soon!

Deborah X

Amsterdam 2018 - Day 1 & Day 2 #Travel

Hi beauties, hope you're all doing okay! Today I'm back with another #travel blogpost. This time I will be talking to you about that time I went to Amsterdam last February. Yes, I did vlog everything so if you would like to check them out you can do so by clicking here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

On our first day we didn't do much since we arrived late afternoon. We simply went on a city tour across the city - that's why I decided to join the two days in one blogpost.

However, our second day was a bit more eventful!

The Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience which is obviously located in Amsterdam, is a historic brewery and a visitor center for the internationally distributed Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer. The tour was a very interesting one. They took us through the history of Heineken and they also explained to us how the beer is done step by step. What I loved is the visuals which make it all so real. They also showed us a five minute video that explains the process of the brewing from beginning to end. I'm not a beer lover but I still enjoyed it so I highly suggest you go to the brewery if you're ever in Amsterdam. If you want to purchase the tickets for the Heineken Experience you can do so here.

Artis Zoo

Artis is a zoo in central Amsterdam. It is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest zoos of mainland Europe. It also contains an aquarium and a planetarium. Artis also has an arboretum and a fairly large art collection. A part of the art collection is on display in the Aquarium building of the zoo. Artis contains 27 monumental buildings, most of which are used as enclosures for the animals, making Artis a unique cultural heritage of the 19th century. It wasn't my first time visiting a zoo but I still get so excited when I go to one. We saw so many animals, some of which I had no idea they even existed. Obviously, my favourites would have to be the giraffes, monkeys & the sea lions! Buy your tickets here!

A'Dam Lookout

A'Dam Lookout is an observation deck with a panoramic view of Amsterdam. You can also go on a swing that is 100  metres above the ground, back and forth over the edge of the tower with Amsterdam literally beaneath you! I was too scared to go on the swing but I still enjoyed the view and the walk we took to get there. If you would be interested in purchasing tickets, you can do so here.

Escape Club

We love a bit of a party and so on our Friday night in Amsterdam we went to Club Escape. We really enjoyed there and we literally danced all night (we got back to our hotel at 5am!). I was so tired when we left the club, that I could barely keep my eyes open haha!

Make sure you watch Day 1 and Day 2 of the Amsterdam vlog and I will see you all next Saturday for the last vlog of Amsterdam which will combine Day 3 and Day 4!

Deborah X