Tuesday 18 December 2018

Office Wear: Outfit & Makeup

Hey! Today's blogpost is one I haven't done on the blog. Basically, today I am going to share with you a really basic office look together with a simple makeup look which is a bit more than just four products, for the simple reasonn that it is probable that we want to look more put together in the office.

For the outfit I went for the basic pieces because you cannot really go wrong with these. I chose a midi skirt - make sure you wear a skirt that is long enough for the office. You can choose obviously different colours such as navy blue or grey but I opted for the basic black.

For shirt I wore a white long sleeve shirt which I tucked in the skirt. You can again, opt for different colours that are 'office appropriate' such as navy blue, black, grey, baby pink or green. For shoes I went for my basic black court heels. I feel that this type of shoes is a statement piece when it comes to office wear. If you prefer wearing flats, obviously do so! You can switch this up by wearing a ballerina shoes or a pair of wedges if you prefer those type of shoes.

Moving on to makeup, I tried going for something simple and easy yet something that ties the outfit together and makes you look put together.

Starting off with foundation I used the L├ôreal Infallible 24 hour Foundation. I apply these with my brush rather than with a beauty blender. Haven't used that thing in a while haha! I then move on to concealer using the Maybelline Instant Eye Eraser Concealer to cover up any dark spots and blemishes - especially if I would probably wake up late on a work day! To finish off the base of this look, I use the Artdeco Powder Foundation.

Now this is something that I wouldn't wear for university or school because I feel that it is too much but for work I think it is appropriate - keeping in mind that less is more! I will be lightly contouring my face to give my face a more structured look. For this, I am using the Catrice Matte Bronzer Powder. I have started using this product more generously on my forehead just to try and make it look smaller!  For blush I use the Milani Baked Blush in 03 Berry Amore. 

I do like to apply a bit of liquid eyeliner to the outer part of my eyelid (not across the whole lid). I finish off the look with a generous amount of mascara and some nude lipstick. I believe that the best lipstick you can wear to the office is a nude, peachy or light pink shade. I would stay away from matte shades. Although there are people that wear them without a problem, I just feel that the regular lipsticks work better for the office.

That's it for today's post!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Friday 14 December 2018

How to Style: Boring Clothes

Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the lack of blogposts but I was SO busy. I'm still uploading all of the blogmas posts so don't worry about that! If you have been following blogmas, you know that I started this 'series' which I called How to Style. Up until now I did two posts where I styled a leather skirt in the first one and a black dress in the second one which you can check out here and here. Today I am doing another blogpost of this sort with a slight twist. Normally, I circle my outfits around one piece of clothing. This time, I'm going to share with you a few tips on how you can use your boring clothes to create a whole new look. Shall we dive in?

Okay so for this blue sweater, I usually wear it with a pair of jeans and I don't usually tuck it in. The sweater is slightly baggy and I would normally go for a comfy look with the jeans and probably a pair of sneakers. This time, I wanted to wear this outfit for say a lunch date or a dinner date - is it only me that during the festive season I feel like I want to dress up outfits just to look more put together?! And that's what I did in this one.

I wore my black button up-skirt which I usually wear in summer. Since this type of skirt is on the shorter side for the winter time, I wore a see-through black tights just to keep myself warm. I tucked in the sweater and in this way I feel like I have dressed up this outfit a lot more because in this way I can wear heels with this outfit. If you're feeling really cold, you can always throw on a leather jacket or a denim jacket! 

For shoes, I wore my new black ankle booties and I also wore my black backpack because I was going for some Christmas shopping afterwards and in this way it's perfect to store your belongings PLUS it still looks cute even if you end up going to say lunch!

Therefore, my tips on styling your usual boring clothes are: switch up the combination of clothes you pair together, wear accessories such as a bag and if you normally dress up the main clothing piece try dressing it down this time (or vice versa)!

That's it from my end - I hope you liked this post and I'll talk to you real soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

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Saturday 8 December 2018

November Favourites

I know what you're thinking, ''Don't you think that November Favourites are a bit too late now?!''. And you're right but I decided to post it anyways just because I wanted to share with you my favourite items at the moment - especially if you're looking for something similar for yourself or as a gift!


The first thing I am going to talk to you about is the Catrice Prime & Fine Fixing Spray. I am not one who normally uses primers and setting sprays however, I tried it out a couple of weeks ago for my graduation makeup and I ended up loving it. I really think it was thanks to it that my makeup stayed on for such a long time. I just spray it before I even start applying anything to my face and finish with it after I have done all my makeup.


For face products I have two favourites which include a pressed powder, a blush and a bronzer.  For the pressed powder I am loving the Artdeco Powder Foundation. I have been using this product for a couple of months, and I love particularly how smooth and flawless it makes my skin look plus it's also very lightweight.

Another favourite of mine is the Catrice Matte Bronzer Powder. It is super affordable and very easy to work with. I created a makeup look in the first days of blogmas featuring this product which you can check out here.


For mascara, I am a bit picky. Since I don't really have naturally long lashes I like to find a mascara that makes my lashes look long and full. That's why I have been using the Catrice Little Black One Mascara. 

For eyeliner I recently re-discovered the Rimmel Wonder Wing Eyeliner - I just love how black and perfect it makes your eyeliner look. A couple of days ago I found out about this new product that Rimmel just launched and which I think is perfect for the festive activities that we might have at the moment. I'm talking about the Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow which is basically a gold eyeliner which you can smudge to get a pretty golden shade of eye-shadow. It's not something dramatic but it's something really fun plus you can make the eyeliner as thick as you want. I talk more about these new Rimmel products in the recent blogmas post where I created a makeup look using only Rimmel products which you can check out here.


Let's face it, we all need that perfect nude shade for when we just want some colour to our lips but nothing too extreme. My current nude favourite is the Wet n Wild in Nudist Peach. Every time I apply it, I am in awe of how good my lips look after I apply it and how it does not make my lips dry AT ALL. Plus, it's super cheap!

I cannot do a blogmas post without mentioning some type of red lipstick, I mean we are heading towards Christmas right? My current favourite is my newly purchased ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip (ILuvSarahii collab) in Arriba. It's a perfect shade of red, and as always ColourPop matte liquid lipsticks do not dry out your lips.

And that's the end of my November favourites. Thank you so much for reading yet another blogpost and supporting my blog. I'll talk to you very soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Friday 7 December 2018

How To Style: Little Black Dress

It's already Day 7 of Blogmas and I am trying to keep up with all of the content! Today's post is a continuation the 'series' How To Style where basically I pick one staple wardrobe piece and show you how you can style it in three different ways. If you haven't checked out the first post you can do so here - it's styling a leather skirt in three different ways. Let's go!

Option 1 - Denim Wear

For the first outfit I decided to go for a casual look with this black dress. I don't usually wear dresses for a casual outfit unless I am abroad or I am going to a party and I want to be comfortable. Therefore, I decided that for this outfit I wear this new denim jacket with faux fur from the inside to keep you warm. I bought this during Black Friday and I am glad I did because you can wear it with so many things. 

I then added this cute black backpack because if I wear this outfit it will most probably be for shopping or for lunch so I would need somewhere to put my things in. Finally, I finished this look by wearing my usual white Adidas. 

Option 2 - Sassy in Black

This is one of my regular outfits that I wear if I go out. A leather jacket has become such a staple piece in my wardrobe and I actually purchased a new one because the other one was a bit too old and it even started peeling. I would wear this outfit either for a dinner date or for something a bit more formal. 

I wore the same black dress and simply paired it with my black court heels. Since the dress is sleevless I wore my black leather jacket and then I finished the look with this clutch bag.

Option 3 - Sweaters over Dresses

For my final look I simply threw on a comfy cropped sweater over the black dress to give it a completely different look. I have worn this sweater over a black pencil skirt which kind of looks the same but this is way comfier! 

For shoes I wore my staple black ankle boots - yes, I did purchase a new pair as well because I have worn out the other pair. It's very simple and very comfy which is why it is perfect for a dinner during the week where you want to dress up a bit but not be too formal!

I hope you liked this blogpost and that you are liking these posts from the How To Style 'series'. I will leave a link of the recent posts and videos for you to check out - Happy Weekend!

Deborah X

For the makeup look of this post, you can read the blogpost here.

Blogmas Day 6

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One Brand Makeup Look - Rimmel #1

Hi Beauties! It's time for another makeup look! I know this is coming to you a day late but my laptop broke down (I didn't back up the files - I'm stupid I know!) and I thought I lost everything but luckily I managed to recover the files - now I am just waiting for my laptop to get fixed.

Among the suggestions that you send to me, a lot of you ask for more makeup looks and today that's what I am bringing you. I'm starting this 'series' on my blog which I am going to call One Brand Makeup Look where basically I choose a makeup brand and do a complete makeup look with products from that brand only. Don't worry I chose a super affordable brand, a brand which you can find in Malta and a brand that I have been trying and using ever since I started experimenting with makeup. My first brand in this 'series' is Rimmel.

For Foundation I used the Rimmel BB Cream. I have been using this product for a really long time and it honestly never let me down. It gives medium-full coverage and I use it on those days when I don't want too much makeup on my face or when I don't have a lot of blemishes to cover up.

For concealer I use the #InstaConceal&Contour and I use the middle shade to cover up any blemishes, dark areas or pimples. For pressed powder I use the Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder. Again, I have been using this for ages now and I always buy these two at a time, just to have backup of it PLUS I always hit pan with these - that's how good they are!

For my black eyeliner I use the Wonder Wing Eyeliner. It is SO pigmented and I love having a very black eyeliner. It is so easy to apply, doesn't smudge and dries within seconds.

Recently, Rimmel launched some new products particularly the new gold liquid eyeliner. I thought it was absolutely perfect for this upcoming festive season (I did talk about it in one of my vlogs). What's so cool about it is that if you smudge the eyeliner, it will change into a glittery eyeshadow. This is the Wonder'Swipe 2-in-1 Liner to Shadow. I tried taking a photo of my eyelid, I really hope you can see clearly just how gorgeous it is!

Rimmel also launched three new products which are the Scandal Eyes Mascara, the Stay Satin Liquid Lip Colour and the Maxi Blush. With regards to the mascara I would use it for a more natural look such as if I'm going to university, running errands or a shopping day with my friends. Although the mascara is not one (in my opinion) which gives a fuller look and adds length to your lashes, it is a mascara that would be perfect for a natural look and one that stays on for a while!

The Stay Satin Liquid Lip Colour is AMAZING. Mine is in the colour 430 For Sure. Firstly, i just love this colour. It's so pigmented and bright and I justlove it haha! Also, it stays on for quite some time and it doesn't make your lips dry or flake.

Onto the blush, mine was in the shade 006 Exposed. This product is very lightweight and it gives your cheeks a burst of colour that lasts all day - not too bright, just that little subtle colour on your cheeks.

Finally, for brows I use the Brow This Way Sculpting Kit. I normally go for the powder pan rather than the cream one. 

A giveaway will be up tomorrow morning (you're the first to know!) with some Rimmel products so make sure you check out Distorted Priorities early tomorrow morning.

In the meantime here are some previous blogmas posts that you can check out!

I'll talk to you real soon!

Deborah X

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Thursday 6 December 2018

Stocking Fillers & Secret Santa Ideas

This time of the year means presents (and money coming out of your purse!) but mostly it's about finding the right gift to the person you're giving it to. Whether it's your workmate or your friend or if you have a tradition where you give a stocking with little sentimental gifts in it - I got you! I have been giving you gift ideas during blogmas because I know that sometimes it might be hard to think of the perfect gift for that special someone! So here are some ideas that you can use as Secret Santa gifts or simply little things you can use to fill up your stocking!

Nailpolish - they're small so they can fit in the stockings and they're inexpensive

Scrunchies - they're perfect if it's for someone who like me, lose EVERY single one of those!

Journal/Diary - for that someone who loves to plan their days or loves to write their tasks on a diary

Gym Water Bottle - if you want to buy something for a gym/fitness addict

Mug - if he or she is into drinking lots of coffee or tea (hey, exam season is coming up!) then you don't even need to think twice about this

Power Bank - if he/she is someone who is ALWAYS on their phone or someone who uses their phone for work & business purposes, I can rest assure you they will always have their phone on low battery

Gratitude Journal - I had bought one last year and although I haven't started using it, I really want to start using this coming year. It really helps with putting everything in perspective and it also helps you reflect.

Chocolate - their favourite candy/chocolate 

Mini Board Games or Pack of Cards - for when they want to have a games night

Fuzzy Socks - winter is coming up, gotta be prepared right?

Pyjamas - who doesn't like something comfy to lounge in at home?

Bath Bombs - we all need to de-stress with the upcoming exam season right?

And that's it from my end! Hope you enjoyed this blogpost and as usual I will leave the latest links to vlogs and blogposts at the end of this post!

Deborah X