Saturday 30 September 2017

Band Concert T-Shirts for Back to School '17

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, know that a couple of months ago I went to a Coldplay concert in Cardiff. As a tradition, I usually like to purchase the concert's t-shirt as a souvenir of the concert. Being part of the official merchandise, it was quite expensive and it would have been such a pity if I only wore it the day of the concert and as a t-shirt to stay indoors with it! Therefore, I tried styling it in a way that I can wear it for a day out or for a busy day at university when all you want is for your clothes to be comfortable! This is obviously my take on it, some people might not like it this way and other might not like to wear it again at all! For those of you who are interested in seeing how I styled it, keep reading 😄

I kept the outfit SUPER simple and comfy! All I did was pair the t-shirt with my comfortable boyfriend jeans that you've seen before and wore my basic white Nike shoes. I tucked in the shirt in the jeans to give the look a bit more edge! It's as simple as that 💙

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

That's it for today!

Deborah X

Monday 25 September 2017

Maxi Skirts & Maxi Dresses

Hi friends! New week and for some of us it means going back to school or going back to work - it's okay we got this!

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, yesterday I announced that I have collaborated with 4 beautiful ladies to share with you 5 new posts for #endofsummer. Today, our 1st post goes up, and it happens to be that I am the first one to post!! Make sure to 'like' all of the other ladies' pages to be the first to get notified when a new blogpost is up!

For today's post I decided that it would be best to close of Summer 2017 by sharing with you 3 outfits that are either maxi dresses or maxi skirts. I have been wearing these non-stop and although last weekend we had a change in the weather here in Malta, I will still be wearing this outfits for a couple more days. These outfits are perfect for work or even for university or school - obviously, adjust these to your liking. Shall we get started?

Maxi Dress #1

This is one of my favourite maxi dresses. I've had this for a while but I still wear it non-stop. I love the colours - it's as if I'm saying my final goodbyes to this summer!

Maxi Dress #2

I got this maxi dress a while ago too! My favourite thing about this dress it the slit it has at the side - I feel it makes it slightly more wearable even for work (obviously, it's not suitable for all jobs!)

Maxi Skirt #3

I love this combination especially for a dinner date or simply going out on a Saturday or Friday night! Also, can we please take a moment to appreciate the back detail of the crop top - it's my favourite!

That's it for today! Make sure to check out all the other ladies' blogposts as we have till Friday with posting new content! Also, we announced a new giveaway so make sure to check it out our pages.

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Outfit Details:

Maxi Dress #1 - New Look
Maxi Dress #2 - Forever 21
Maxi Skirt - New Look
Crop Top - Stradivarius

Saturday 23 September 2017

How to: Packing Lightly for a 4 day Trip - Makeup

Hola amigos! I am writing this on the plane to Madrid but I will most probably post this when I am back in Malta. I am so excited for this trip. I’ve been needing a short break and this trip finally arrived! I’m trying to vlog the whole thing – so stay tuned for that!! I am actually going to see a Maluma concert tomorrow – for those of you who don’t know who he is, he is a Colombian singer who sang with Shakira, Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony amongst others. Make sure you are following me on my Instagram @deborahsaliba97 to see what I will be up to and also check out the Facebook and Instagram photos I will be posting!

Enough chit chat about what I am doing during this trip – the real reason I wanted to do this blogpost is because I know the struggle of makeup lovers when it comes to packing just the right amount of makeup for a trip. I tried to keep the amount of makeup I took with me to a minimum; now for some people (like my friend Charmaine pointed out) I still carried TOO MUCH makeup with me. But for those of you who are like me and can’t pick which mascara they are going to take with them or which lipstick shade you’re going to pick – I got you! Let's get started!

Primer – In my opinion, you shouldn’t carry any primers with you. If you only have a hand luggage (just like I did) and don’t have a lot of space for liquids (remember all liquids must be less than 100ml and you have to take out the liquids when going through security) I eliminated this product because I can do without it and anyways I still can remove my makeup and reapply it when I get back to the hotel.

Foundation – I got with me the Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Foundation. You only need one foundation that has full coverage, does not cake and easy to blend.

Concealer – My holy grail concealer, the Maybelline Anti-Age Concealer.

Powder – I got with me my Elf Pressed Powder; if you have a pressed powder that is soon going to finish you can simply take that with you and then throw it away so that you’ll have space for new makeup coming back to Malta!

Blush – I am a bit picky when it comes to choosing the right shade of blush so I thought I would simply take a palette with me that does not take a lot of space but has a number of options – I picked my Morphe Blush Palette 9B.

Lip Balm – Always handy to have a lip balm with you even for during your flight because my lips tend to get dry; Maybelline Baby Lips in Dr.Rescue. 

Eyeshadow – I always (try to) pick one eyeshadow palette to take with me, one that has various shades that can create various looks. This time I chose to bring with me the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette for the simple reason that it has light shades as well as dark shades that are a range of light-pink, rose-gold and deep purple.

Mascara – I picked my favourite 2 mascaras at the moment and simply got these with me; 3ina The Definition Mascara and the L’Oreal Volume Millions Extra-Black Mascara.

Liquid Eyeliner – my new favourite, the L’Oreral Superstar Liquid Eyeliner.

Eyebrows – the usual Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in no.5 to die for

Contour and Highlight – the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palettegot all the shades you need in one set!

Lipsticks – this is quite a long list haha! But I tried picking a couple that go with everything like nudes and pinks as well as bright or ‘out-there’ lipsticks such a deep brown or a deep purple. I got the following: Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Bittersweet, ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Chi, Mamacita, Clueless, Zipper and Embellish.

That’s it for the makeup products I got with me on this trip! If you’d like me to do a similar blogposts with the makeup brushes that I take with me, let me know in the comments section down below!

Sending hugs and kisses all the way to Malta!

Deborah X

Products Mentioned:

Foundation - Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Foundation - Remedies Pharmacies 
Concealer - Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 
Powder - no longer available on their website
Blush - Morphe 9B Blush Palette
Lip Balm - Maybelline Dr.Rescue
Eyeshadow - Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
Mascara - 3ina The Definition Mascara & L’Oreal Volume Millions Extra-Black Mascara
Eyeliner - L’Oreral Superstar Liquid Eyeliner
Eyebrows - Essence Quattro Eyeshadow no.5 'to die for' - Essence Cosmetics Malta
Contour & Highlight - NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette - Roseberry or NYX Cosmetics Malta
Lipsticks - Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick in Bittersweet - Melita Health & Beauty, ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip in Chi, Mamacita, Clueless, Zipper and Embellish.


Wednesday 13 September 2017

Review: Anew Essential Sheet Mask ft. AVON

Hi beauties! I promised you more than one post this week & that's what you're getting! For today's post I'd like to say a huge thank you to AVON Malta for sending me this sheet mask to try out during one of my (too) frequent pampering sessions! If you are interested in purchasing any of the AVON products particularly this mask you can send them a private message on their Facebook Page or else by visiting their outlet at Ganu Street B'Kara. Without further ado let's get into today's review!

''Inspired by ancient Asian beauty rituals, our sheet mask holds a generous amount of serum and is designed to fit the contours of your face like a second skin to reduce evaporation. Infused essences are continuously and evenly released for immediate and enhanced benefits.''

This mask was extremely simple to use! All I had to do is take out from its packet and carefully placing it on my face while making sure that I covered all the areas on my face. Placing the upper half over the forehead and eye area and then holding both sides of the bottom half, stretch down the mast to cover the chin and then up to cover the lower part of your face and jawline. Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes and then after removing them massage the face with the remaining serum to ensure that your face fully absorbed the product.

I loved how much the mask could hold such a generous amount of serum because sometimes in masks I do wonder if there is some form of product on the mask since there would be so little - but not in this case! I messaged the serum after I finished (I had a clean, dry face before starting). I loved the refreshing feeling of the mask after I removed the mask plus it smells A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. My skin felt much softer and looked more glowy! I highly recommend this mask - a necessity for your upcoming pampering session!

That's it for today's post - I will see you all later on this week as hopefully I'll be able to put up another blogpost, this time travel-related!

Have an AMAZING day everyone and thanks for reading yet another blogpost!


Deborah X

Thursday 7 September 2017

Glowy Look ft. 3ina Best Sellers Collection

Hi friends! I am finally back with another blogpost 💓 Sorry I have been MIA for a bit longer than expected but the good thing is that I'm finally back. It's unbelievable how busy I have been these last couple of weeks and how time seems to pass by SO quickly! This is the 1st post of this week - hopefully if time permits I will be uploading two more blogposts. Also, I'm soon going on a short vacation with my friend and I may or may not be vlogging the whole thing so stay tuned!

For today's blogpost I would like to thank 3ina Malta for sending me yet another beautiful PR package, this time with their Best Sellers Collection. This post will be a review on these products and a simple glowy look featuring these lovely products.

The PR package consisted of 3 products:
  • The Highlighter in the shade 201
  • The Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 312
  • The Longwear Lipstick in the shade 503
I have only tried their cream eyeshadows before and I love them so much! I had purchased a bronzy cream eyeshadow that is very similar to this one (in fact I thought I got one that is exactly the same as mine but thankfully it was different, meaning I got to try another shade!).

As you can see this is a SUPER easy look. All I did for the eyeshadow is apply the cream eyeshadow with my finger all over the lid and then simply used a beige/tan shade as a transition shade to blend the edges and make it look smoother. I love these cream eyeshadows because they're so easy to use and if you're in a hurry to do your makeup this will take you a couple of seconds only! However, I would avoid using these cream eyeshadows if you don't like glowy or glittery shadows on your eyelids.

Moving on to the highlighter I fell in love with it instantly. I gives you such a natural glow and shimmer on your cheek bones. Definitely recommend this if you're looking for something more natural. If you're looking for a highlighter that instantly glows as soon as someone looks at your cheeks I would opt out of this one too.

And finally for the the liquid lipstick which is a pink-nude shade I have nothing but words of praise for it. It's got such an amazing consistency, it dries out completely to a matte finish but it is super creamy so it does not dry your lips AT ALL - in fact it does give you that silky long-lasting finish. Definitely recommend this!!

That is it for today's post! Hope you enjoyed it - you can get any of these products at any of the 3ina stores 💜

I'll talk to you all very soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

You can find any of the 3ina stores at The Point - Sliema, PAMA - Mosta and Qormi (next to Kiabi).