Monday, 26 March 2018

London 2018 - Day 3 #Travel

London Vlog for Day 3 is up and you can check it out here! We visited quite a lot of places on our third day and today I am here to share them with all of you!

Notting Hill

Our first stop was Notting Hill. I wanted to visit this place mostly because of all the colourful houses and in my mind I was already picturing all the photos I was going to take there! And in fact, that's what I did - and I am not even guilty! We visited Portobello Road. There are also some really cute antique shops that one should definitely visit! 

Camden Town

Our second stop of the day was Camden Town. We visited Camden Market too! The area i.e. the streets is definitely not the best looking for the simple reason that at times it looks abandoned but when we walked to the Market we found that the area there is so pretty. While the range of goods has since widened, with stalls selling books, new and second-hand clothing, and jewellery, the Lock retains its focus as the principal Camden market for crafts. As for the food, there are a lot of tiny stalls selling all types of food and it's even fun just going through them and walking at the market.

We also visited Leicester Square and Convent Garden which are another two very important areas in London. We simply walked around the area, took a couple of photos and as per usual bought some souvenirs. 

What's London without some shopping in Oxford Street? Whenever I go to London and visit Oxford Street I always feel overwhelmed just because there are so many shops and things to do that I never know from where to begin!

Finally we finished our London trip by visiting the stunning Tower Bridge at night. It was still so cold on our last day but we still enjoyed it!

And that's it with my London blogposts and vlogs. I will leave a link to all the blogposts and vlogs at the end of the posts so that you can check them out if you missed one of them.

I'll talk to you soon!

Deborah X

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