Saturday, 14 July 2018

Review: Inecto Hair Products

Hi everyone - Hope you're all doing great! A couple of days ago I received some products from Inecto and these past couple of days I have been trying them out multiple times to make sure that I give you an honest review about them.

I got both hair products as well as body products so I decided to split the blogpost into two - today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Inecto hair products.

Let's get started shall we?

Marvellous Moisture Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Last weekend I had my dance show and as usual my hairstyle required a LOT of hairspray and hair gel. Not all shampoos are capable of removing that gel from your hair whilst leaving your hair feeling silky smooth. I decided to give these two products a shot and see what they can do to my hair. Luckily, both products worked like a miracle! Firstly, they left my hair smelling like coconut which I absolutely LOVE. What I loved most was how soft my hair felt right after I used the conditioner and brushed my hair. Definitely worth a try!

Smooth Me Coconut Hair Serum

This product is mainly designed to help with damaged hair. It also helps with fly away strands and tames the frizz with the lightweight serum. Again, I used this product while I was doing my hair for my dance show. I had to straighten my hair and naturally when I straighten it, I'm left with a lot of baby hair and strands of hair coming out of nowhere! I applied this to those areas where my hair usually just doesn't want to cooperate and continued straightening my hair a bit more. During the show, the fly away strands were very minimal and my hair did not get frizzy at all - which is shocking for me because it usually frizz so easily.

Divine Shine Coconut Hair Oil

This product is supposed to help with making your hair look super glossy with this nourishing hair oil. Again, I used this before my dance show - I only applied it to the ends of my hair (the bottom half). To be quite honest with you, I did see a bit of a shine in my hair but it wasn't something that was extremely noticeable. This will not make me buy this product again simply because the result of it is not really visible.

And that's it from my end! I hope you liked this blogpost & I promise you I am working on more blogposts so that I can post more often.

Have a great weekend!

Deborah X