Sunday, 20 August 2017

An OOTD to celebrate a year of blogging!

Good morning beautiful people! Today, the 21st August Distorted Priorities turns 1! It's already been a year of blogging: writing down ideas on the notebook, planning the outfits or testing the makeup looks, photoshoots, editing, writing the actual blogpost, attending events and fashion shows and meeting amazing people along the way! I truly feel blessed to have met so many people!

Today's post is a little bit different because we're celebrating our 1 year anniversary - I thought a photoshoot to commemorate this achievement was the way to do it + I had to pick a cute outfit to shoot in, so I thought I'd share it with you.

Don't forget that we have two giveaways going on at the moment - a Facebook one and an Instagram one where you can win ColourPop goodies so make sure you have entered in that!

Moving onto the outfit it's actually very simple and comfy and you can dress it up or dress it down! I had bought this denim skirt about a year ago from Zara. It's so easy to pair shirts with it but this time I wanted to add a pop of colour with it so I went with a bright pink tank top and to finish off the look I wore my favourite pair of sandals. Super easy, super comfy!

Today on the blog's Facebook page I will be sharing with you 10 of my favourite blogposts that I posted throughout this year (every hour) so make sure you stay tuned to that!

Again, THANK YOU so much for 1k and for a year of supporting me on this blog - couldn't have done it with you X

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Outfit Details:

Top - River Island
Skirt - Zara
Sandals - New Look

Saturday, 19 August 2017

ColourPop Haul + Giveaway

YES, IT’S ANOTHER COLOURPOP HAUL! This time it’s a little bit different because apart from the blogpost I filmed a collab video with Kezia from Kezzies Corner. I’m curious to know whether you will like it or not so leave me a comment telling me what you think about the whole situation haha! I really enjoyed filming it with Kez but please keep in mind that I’m no Zoella or a youtuber so it might not be perfect. Nonetheless, we worked extremely hard on it! If you would like to watch it you can do so here

I still decided to write this blogpost for those who prefer reading the blogs rather than watching a video. However, in the blogpost I will only be showing you the items I got. So here it goes!

A couple of months ago, right after Fashion Week, I asked Kezia whether she would be interested in purchasing ColourPop products with me – and she obviously said yes! We divided the products we got into two videos so if you want to see the other half of my products on Kezia’s video you can do so here!

The first thing I got is an eyeshadow palette. I heard that ColourPop start selling eyeshadow palettes and I really wanted to try them out. I found the ‘Collab’ section on their website and found a Youtuber that I never actually had heard of. Her Youtube channel name is iluvsarahaii so I went to look at a couple of her videos and I instantly fell in love with her channel! So I decided to buy one of her palettes and two lip products from her collection.

Her palette is amazing! It's called $aucey and it consists of 4 shades – 2 matte ones and 2 metallic ones. I’ve actually used this palette and her Ultra Matte Lip in Mamasita to film the video.  The shades are so pigmented and very easy to work with plus they stay on without smudging. The metallic shades are to die for!

Her whole collection has this really pretty design on their products which looks like an embossed gold detail. Moving on to the lip products from her collection I got; Mamacita which is an ultra matte lip (my favourite) and 951 which is an ultra satin lip. Mamacita is a deep burgundy shade whilst 951 is a mid-tone warm nude.

I also got two other matte lipsticks; Clueless and Chi. I had heard about the first lip colour from a Youtuber and I really wanted to try it out. It's a dusty mauve and although I was a bit hesitant because I was worried it might make me look pale I ended up loving the colour! For those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, know that I 'loving' the ultra matte lip in the shade Chi is an understatement. I feel like I wear it all the time and it's the perfect nude shade - so it came as no surprise when I re-ordered this product!

The last set of products that I got were suppose to be as a surprise to you guys! But, we reached 1k on the blog's facebook page before I posted this blogpost so I already announced why I got these - and that is for a giveaway (two actually!). There is a Facebook Giveaway where you can win a Pressed Powder Palette and there is an Instagram Giveaway where you can win a Lip Bundle. All the details will be at the end of the blogpost, so make sure to try your luck!

I got these products (the ones for the giveaway) as part of the Nectar Collection. This collection consists of a Pressed Powder Palette (4 shades - 1 mettalic and 3 matte ones) and a Lip Bundle with 3 lip products. The Palette is called Blow Me Away and it's got peachy-beige shades!

The Lip Bundle which is called Phase 1 consists of 3 shades that although they're quite similar they're actually a bit different from each other when you compare them to how the products in lip bundles by ColourPop are. There are three shades: The Twirl  (ultra matte lip) which is a pinky coral, Up Do (ultra glossy lip) which is a coral toned shade and finally Likely (ultra satin lip) which is a soft peachy nude.

That brings us to the end of this haul - Kezia also did a blogpost with her products so make sure to check it out too and don't forget to check our videos: mine and Kezia's !

Kezia also wrote a blogpost with ALL the products that we mentioned in both videos so if you'd like to check it out you can do so here!

P.S. Let me know what you think of the video and whether you'd like me to do more like them!

Thank you so much for your continuous support!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

List of products:

Up Do - not available to buy seperate

Kezia's Social Media:
Snapchat: kezikezi

Monday, 14 August 2017

Celebrity Inspired Makeup - Perrie Edwards ft. 3ina UV Collection

It's finally here! I have been working on this blogpost for a while now and although it's long overdue I'm so excited it's finally here! 

Okay, so I decided to start a new 'series' (at least that's what I'm going to call them!) called Celebrity Inspired Makeup. Basically, as the name suggests I will be picking a celebrity wearing a particular makeup look during a fashion show or red carpet or music video and try to re-create the look. Obviously, I am no makeup artist but I decided to give it a go! It's more of using the makeup look as inspiration rather than create an exact replica of it.

For today's look I chose Perrie Edward's (from Little Mix) makeup look from their music video No More Sad Songs. Perrie wore a stunning (yet pigmented) pink eyeshadow look and let me just tell you - she NAILED it! So I used her makeup look and created a similar look which is a bit more wearable because let's face it - I am definitely not going out with that bright eyeshadow! You'll see what I mean when I say ''more wearable'' as we go along! 

For this look the key products I will be using are from the 3ina UV Collection. For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Facebook know that a couple of months ago I received a PR package from this brand (Thank you so much 3ina!) and among the products I got was a pink cream eyeshadow so I thought what better way to put this product to test than to create this look? 

The highlight of this look are the following products:

- 3ina Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 402

- 3ina Fluoro Palette in the shade 500

- 3ina Fluoro Lip Gloss in the shade 201

- 3ina Fluoro Eye Pencil in the shade 700

Obviously I did use other products to compliment this collection so I will leave a list (at the end of the post) of all the makeup products I used!

Apart from the photos that Maria Christina took of me I also included a couple of photos I took myself when I tested the look in Gozo a couple of weeks ago (they're a step by step guide of the look!). Enough blabbering - let's get started!

Step 1: Apply the cream eyeshadow all over your eyelid. The more you apply, the greater the intensity of the makeup look! Don't worry if it looks messy, we'll be blending that later!

Step 2: Use shade no.1 from the Morphe 35F palette as a transitional shade to blend any harsh lines from the cream eyeshadow. Use shade no.2 and no.3 to darken the outer V - continue blending and adding product until your reach the desired intensity of your eye look. Apply no.4 in the inner area of your eyelid to add to the intensity of the bright purple toned shade - to create contrast between the inner and the outer of the eyelid.

Step 3: Apply no.5 to create the subtle smokey eye and create more definition. Intensify the smokey effect by using the 3ina Fluoro Eye Pencil and smudging it ONLY in the outer V.

Step 4: Using the same eye pencil, underline your waterline with the black liner and apply shade no.3 underneath the black eyeliner to compliment the same shade that was applied on the eyelid.

Step 5: Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

I then applied the 3ina Fluoro Palette all over my cheeks by swirling my blush brush all over the whole pan. To finish the look I applied a matte lipstick and then applied the 3ina Fluoro Lip Gloss to give it more of a glossy finish.

All 3ina products can be found from their stores in Malta at Qormi, The Point or Valletta.

That is all for today! I will see you later on this week as I have another post for you so stay tuned!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

P.S. There are two giveaways at the moments on the page - you can check them out here and here!

List of products mentioned:

Morphe 35F Palette
3ina Fluoro Cream Eyeshadow 
3ina Fluoro Eye Pencil
3ina Fluoro Lip Gloss
3ina Fluoro Palette

Monday, 7 August 2017

Birthday Attire

Hi! I'm back with another outfit post - I am loving these posts lately but I have some makeup posts prepared for you so don't worry makeup lovers - I got you!

In today's post I will be sharing with you my 20th birthday outfit post. I had a party with all of my friends and this is what I wore - I hope you like it 😘

For my birthday I wanted something different and not just a regular dress. Therefore, I was super happy when I found this playsuit. Firstly I love the the fact that it is not short and the 'shorts' from the back is slightly longer than in the front. Since I am a bit tall, playsuit have a tendency to look rather short on me and obviously I wouldn't want that!

Another thing I love about this playsuit is the lovely detail on the top part. It has a low V-neck and it's got this lace detail all over it which I absolutely found stunning! Also, I love the army green colour because it's so different plus I don't own that many clothing pieces in this colour.

The highlight of this playsuit is obviously the back. It has a criss-cross detail and apart from this detail, this playsuit is completely backless. I have to admit I do spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out how to put it on but other than that it's absolutely beautiful.

I paired this playsuit with a brown pair of wedge and wore my watch and the same black lace choker that you've seen before on the blog. I think they look amazing all together 💜!

Let me know what you think of the outfit in the comments section down below!

That's it for today ladies! Have a great week 😘

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Outfit Details:

Playsuit: Suiteblanco
Shoes: Bags World
Watch: Michael Kors
Choker: Bershka

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Keeping it Classy in Black

Hi beauties 😘 I hope you’re having a fantastic week! Summer is passing by so quickly and despite the fact that I try to avoid wearing black because of the excessive heat we have here in Malta, I cannot ignore the fact that the combination of black & white together is always a great idea – even if it’s in summer.

Therefore, today’s post is all about this gorgeous outfit which includes black and white pieces. Whenever I wear this outfit I feel unstoppable (not kidding haha!) for the simple reason that I honestly feel like I can conquer the word! I know it sounds silly and far fetched but have you ever put on an outfit that made you feel unstoppable or on top of your game? This is my outfit! Let’s get into the details!

So I don’t usually wear these type of pants but I tried going out of my comfort zone again plus I instantly fell in love with the material and the way the trousers look! Since this pair of trousers is not straight leg I chose to pair the trousers with something fitted like this black crop top I have. It’s got a lovely lacey detail on it which I love – PLUS I got this on sale for only €7!! #bargain

For shoes, I wore these black chunky heels which I believe compliment the outfit so well! You can also opt for a something more elegant like a pair of strappy sandals.

To accessorize, I obviously wore my Michael Kors watch and my lace choker because I thought it complimented the crop top really well!

Let me know what you think of this outfit! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook 😘

I'll see you all very soon 💜



Outfit details:
Trousers - River Island
Crop Top - New Look
Choker - Bershka
Shoes - New Look
Watch - Michael Kors

Photography: MCMifsud Photography