Saturday, 14 July 2018

Review: Inecto Hair Products

Hi everyone - Hope you're all doing great! A couple of days ago I received some products from Inecto and these past couple of days I have been trying them out multiple times to make sure that I give you an honest review about them.

I got both hair products as well as body products so I decided to split the blogpost into two - today I will be sharing with you my thoughts on the Inecto hair products.

Let's get started shall we?

Marvellous Moisture Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner

Last weekend I had my dance show and as usual my hairstyle required a LOT of hairspray and hair gel. Not all shampoos are capable of removing that gel from your hair whilst leaving your hair feeling silky smooth. I decided to give these two products a shot and see what they can do to my hair. Luckily, both products worked like a miracle! Firstly, they left my hair smelling like coconut which I absolutely LOVE. What I loved most was how soft my hair felt right after I used the conditioner and brushed my hair. Definitely worth a try!

Smooth Me Coconut Hair Serum

This product is mainly designed to help with damaged hair. It also helps with fly away strands and tames the frizz with the lightweight serum. Again, I used this product while I was doing my hair for my dance show. I had to straighten my hair and naturally when I straighten it, I'm left with a lot of baby hair and strands of hair coming out of nowhere! I applied this to those areas where my hair usually just doesn't want to cooperate and continued straightening my hair a bit more. During the show, the fly away strands were very minimal and my hair did not get frizzy at all - which is shocking for me because it usually frizz so easily.

Divine Shine Coconut Hair Oil

This product is supposed to help with making your hair look super glossy with this nourishing hair oil. Again, I used this before my dance show - I only applied it to the ends of my hair (the bottom half). To be quite honest with you, I did see a bit of a shine in my hair but it wasn't something that was extremely noticeable. This will not make me buy this product again simply because the result of it is not really visible.

And that's it from my end! I hope you liked this blogpost & I promise you I am working on more blogposts so that I can post more often.

Have a great weekend!

Deborah X

Friday, 6 July 2018

Rome Lookbook 2018

It's been too long! I know I have been promising you that I am soon returning with loads of new content, but the truth is I just really got busy. Exams, end exams celebrations, a weekend in Gozo, work and more recently going to Rome for a couple of days. Oh, and I also forgot to mention - today I have my dress rehersal for tomorrow's dance show! I am so excited for it - after that I am supposed to be a bit more calmer in my schedule. I have also prepared a couple of giveaways that I will be announcing soon on the page so make sure you are following on both Facebook and Instagram.

I did some updates on my Instagram where I have now more recent photos of my highlights. While I was in Rome, I started these short Insta Story videos where I show you my outfit - they will be saved in the FASHION HIGHLIGHT on my Instagram so you can check them out all here. I got a lot of positive comments on my outfits while I was on the trip & therefore I decided to another Lookbook; this time the Rome Lookbook 2018.

We were only there for three days so there aren't much outfits to share with you but I put a lot of thought into creating really cute pieces (in my opinion!). Let's get started, shall we?

Outfit #1 - Ciao Amore!

Okay fun fact about me - I don't know how to speak Italian, Roberto on the other hand is really good at it so I left all the talking to him! However, I wanted to buy a t-shirt which had an 'italian' slogan just to get in the Italian vibes, you know what I'm saying?! Plus I wanted to wear shorts because it was SUPER hot & obviously a pair of comfortable trainers just because we walked .. a LOT.

Outfit #2 - Hey Hippy!

While we were roaming the streets of Rome there were a lot of street vendors and I saw a little girl buying these flower headbands and I really wanted to try them out just to see how they look on me. I normally don't wear these but we were in Rome, nobody knew us so who cares?! Roberto ended up buying it for me haha and I spent two days wearing it proudly haha! As for these shorts they are this year's summer essentials in my opinion. They are shorts so they will not make you feel hot, they are high waisted - perfect for when you're going to eat a lot (your bloating won't show!) PLUS they're not denim so it's a lot more breezy when you're walking with them! I don't know if I described them properly but you got the gist!

As for the crop top, I posted an outfit post wearing the same top in black however and I loved how comfy they are and how the material does not slide up your shoulder, since it's an off-the-shoulder crop top .. so I bought another one in white! Obviously, I finished off the outfit by wearing my flower headband.

Outfit #3 - It-was-way-too-hot-to-wear-anything-else!

I'm not kidding, it was about 33 degrees while we were there and we spent most of our time walking in the sun and it got hot! Therefore, I decided to wear the minimum amount of clothing haha! I purchased this coral crop top while in was in Milan back in April and it was perfect. I love the colour of it - it's so summery and the material keeps you fresh. I then wore it with this denim shorts to complete the outfit! Simple right?

And that brings us to the end of my Rome Lookbook - I am trying to work on the video portion of this Lookbook as well as the Travel Part of it so stay tuned! In the meantime, let me know in the comments section which outfit were your favourite - I'd love to know!

Don't forget to check out my new & improved (hopefully!) Fashion Instagram highlights & let me know what you think by DMing me!

Talk to you soon!

Deborah X

Outfit Details:

Outfit 1:
Amore Top - Boohoo
Distressed Denim Shorts - Terranova
Shoes - Adidas

Outfit 2:
Crop Top - Terranova
Tie-Belt Shorts - Boohoo
Shoes - Adidas

Outfit 3:
Coral Crop Top - Primark
Denim Shorts - Terranova
Shoes - Adidas

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Monday, 11 June 2018

Top 11 Best Dressed at the Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards 2018

Hi everyone!! How are you all doing? It's been waaay too long, I know! Exams, work and studying got the best of me but I'm back for a while (I'm still not completely done with exams!) but very soon I'll be able to get back into the routine of things and I am honestly so excited.

I know that the hype for Malta Fashion Week is over now but that doesn't mean that I am not going to talk about some of the best dressed influencers that attended this year! Unfortunately, this year I had to miss it due to exams being right around the corner, but nonetheless I was still following everything that was going on! It was so hard to pick just one outfit out of the many outfits that each blogger/influencer wore!! Let's get into the best dressed influencers shall we? 

These eleven people I will be mentioning are not in any particular order.

1. Tamara Webb

Tamara was one of those people which was so hard for me to pick just one outfit of hers. I loved all of them but my favourite would have to be the one she wore to the Awards Night. If you follow Tamara, you know that she calls her followers QUEENS and let me just tell you that night she was absolutely a QUEEN. The simplicity of her hair and makeup and the stunning dress was absolutely a complete package. I mean, could you expect anything less amazing from Tamara? She nails EVERY.SINGLE.OUTFIT.

2. Grazielle Camilleri

This woman was one of the few people that every night when I used to see what she was wearing I would say, 'Wow, she really cannot top this dress!' and yet the next day she would have an even more amazing outfit - GOALS. My favourite outfit of hers would have to be the one she wore on the second day of Malta Fashion Week. This peachy-coral gown was absolutely beautiful - she looked like an actual princess! Her outfits were just...stunning!

3. Sarah Zerafa

Having over 33k followers on Instagram, I have to admit I was a bit intimidated to talk to her the first time I met her at an event. However, the moment I talked to her I realized just how down-to-earth, sweet and funny this woman is. Although her style is not always something that I would wear, I loved her outfits at this year's Malta Fashion Week. However, my favourite would have to be the white dress she wore to the Malta Fashion Awards. She absolutely looked gorgeous. The headpiece, the makeup, the hair and the dress were absolutely award-winning material!

4. Danita Camilleri

I've never met this beauty face to face but I follow her Insta stories religiously every morning! She cracks me up every single day and whenever I used to be bored or sad (exam season you know?), I would go to Instagram and only hope that there is a new story by Danita that I can watch to change my mood! My favourite outfit of hers was the one she wore on Day 4! She SLAYED! Her mother made the outfit for her and I absolutely loved it. Danita has such a unique style which I totally like on her but I would definitely see me wearing this outfit - that skirt was just so pretty!

5. Shanel De Battista

Again, I don't know this woman but I followed her after I saw her at an event I went to just a couple of days before Malta Fashion Week. I followed all of her outfits and I absolutely fell in love with her style - she's just so pretty!! My favourite outfit would have to be the one she wore to the Awards Night. Some of you may see it as too simple for an Awards Night but in my opinion she looked absolutely stunning in it! The simplicity of the black dress and the detail of the top part of the dress was just incredible! 

6. Caroline Paris

This woman was one of the master minds behind the organization of such a big event in Malta. She is the sweetest woman ever and I absolutely fell in love with the dress she wore for Day 4 of Malta Fashion Week! You can never go wrong with a black and white dress right? Amazing Caroline!

7. Jade Zammit Stevens

Jade was one of the nominees for the Fashion Influencer Award. Her outfit for Day 3 was gorgeous. Her skirt was Gaetano Couture and I'm honestly head over heels about his collections. What I loved most was the stunning lime shade of the skirt - such summery vibes!!

8. Marie Claire Portelli

This woman wore a stunning strapless black maxi dress with gold detailing which was absolutely gorgeous. Just like Danita's, this dress was made by Marie Claire's mum with the help of Marie Claire! She looked so beautiful and I thought that this was perfect for Awards Night. Marie Claire was one of those people which I followed all week and loved every single outfit of hers that she wore during Fashion Week!

9. Victoria Rotchenkova

Again, another beautifully made gown by Gaetano for the Awards Night. Victoria slayed in this outfit - she looked absolutely stunning and I couldn't help but notice all the little details in this dress. Her makeup and sleek hair just made the outfit look ten times better plus I mean Victoria is absolutely beautiful - so I'm pretty sure there isn't an outfit that would really look bad on her!

10. Daniela Micallef

This blogger absolutely impresses me with her outfits. Did you know that she is a mummy? I know right?! I hope I'll look this good when I am a mummy haha!! Her outfits are absolutely amazing but my favourite one would have to be the black dress! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and it might be a bit out of your comfort zone but I think she looked absolutely stunning in it. Props to her for actually wearing this risky dress but in my opinion she NAILED IT!

11. Valentina Rossi

Her red dress with a plunging V-line looked phenominal! Valentina is such a beauty, such a sweet heart and so down-to-earth. I know this was Fashion Week and all but if you follow Valentina you would know that she hosts a radio show and she lost a bet and she had to wear a LOSER t-shirt during the fashion show (which by the way she was seated in the first row!). I thought it was hilarious but nonetheless I still liked how she made the outfit look! I know that if the designer of this dress read this would probably kill me haha but I don't know, in my opinion Valentina like all of the talented influencers I mentioned before, simply stuns any outfit she wears.

And those were my favourite 11 outfits from the Malta Fashion Week and Malta Fashion Awards! Which ones were your favourite? 

I'll talk to you very soon and I promise I am going to be back in full swing after I finish my exams!

Deborah X

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

21 things I would tell my younger self

Hi everyone! How are you all feeling? Today is actually my 21st birthday - I am so excited! For my birthday I wanted to do something special with regards to my blog. The idea for this post came a while ago when I was at a family dinner with my cousins and everyone was saying how much my cousin's daughter looks like me when I was younger! After a bit of brainstorming I decided to ask little Chloe if she wanted to take a couple of photos with me and she said yes! Today I will be sharing with you 21 things (I turned 21 get it haha?!) I would have told my younger self (i.e. Chloe!) .. get it? I know I'm a bit metaphoric and deep haha! Anyways, grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy it! Let me know whether you liked this blogpost or not!

1. Heartbreaks are inevitable (or almost!)

There are certain things in life that you just cannot escape. Heartbreak is one of them! Your sixteen year old self meets a guy who is ''my soulmate and forever love'' and you fall deeply in love. And there's nothing wrong with that. I don't want to be the one to burst your bubble or sound negative, but honey chances are you'll breakup (not always but 99.9% it will happen) and it will hurt so much. You'll think that life is over but by time you'll learn to get over it and move on. It will teach you so many things and it will make you stronger! 

2. Listen to your inner child

Sometimes we get so caught up in this 'adult life' that we forget to have fun, to act like kids sometimes! Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you forget your inner child. If you're 21 and you want to go on that see-saw - go for it! I have a friend of mine and sometimes when we're stressed or just sad about something, we like to do something that reminds us of our childhood - whether playing Monopoly or going to the swings - it really does help us forget our worries, at least for a while!

3. Listen to your instincts

They're always right! If your instincts tell you that taking that particular decision is what is best for you then do it!

4. Don't let others tell you what you should do or what is right for you

I learned this not too long ago actually. Sometimes I get so caught up in making others happy that I forget that this is actually my life and not somebody else's. Do what you feel is right for you - deep down you'll know if you took the right decision or not. It's not their life to decide, it's yours - people are going to criticize you anyway so might as well do what makes you happy.

5. Form your own opinion about things & life

Don't let others tell you what to think about things. Form your own opinion. You're capable of so many things that you are not yet aware of. Challenge yourself, research about it, talk to someone about it - but never let anyone tell you what your opinion about something should be.

6. Explore & Travel

Obviously I was NOT going to leave this one out! Not everyone is going to agree with me on this but I would tell you - travel, travel and travel. Just buy that cheap flight to somewhere, anywhere and get on that plane. You'll learn so many things from it - different cultures, different traditions, how 'adult life' works but most importantly how to be independent. Even if no one wants to get on that plane with you; get out of your comfort zone and take a solo trip!

7. Find yourself - take time to get to know yourself 

In life we may go through phases that break us and tear us down. I'm not going to lie, it will be hard to re-build yourself and to find yourself again. One of the many amazing periods in my life was when I decided that I'm the one who decides if I'm happy or not and I was fed up of going to bed crying. That was when I decided to step outside my comfort zone and I did things that NEVER in a million years would I have dreamt of doing! I went zip lining (I still get chills thinking about it!), I went on a TV programme (if you know me you know that I am SUPER shy!), I pushed myself to try new things, I started going to contemporary which was something I had been wanting to do for a while but never had the courage to do so and the list goes on and on. It's okay to lose yourself in the process, the important thing is that at the end of it you would be an inch closer to being the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

8. Love yourself

This too I learnt recently! If you don't love yourself, how can anyone else love you? How can you love someone else? I saw this quote a couple of weeks ago and I really liked the way it summarizes everything: ''Love who you are, embrace who you are. Love yourself. When you love yourself, people can kind of pick up on that: they can see confidence, they can see self-esteem, and naturally, people gravitate towards you.''

9. It's okay to be single

When I was 17-20 years old I was amongst few of my friends that were single. Most of my closest friends were in a relationship. If you're with someone you truly love by that time, cheers to you! But if you're not, it's okay!! I have younger friends of mine (which basically have the same thoughts as I use to have - not going to lie!) and I can see by the way they talk to me they have this rush of having a significant other. Use that time to love yourself, to learn more about yourself, what you like/don't like in your partner, travel, explore, make new friends, try a new hobby. I can't even tell you how many things I've learnt about myself when I was going through this phase: I learnt that through dancing I can truly express myself, I learnt that I love being independent, I learnt that I love to travel - something about it just makes me excited! Once I read a quote that said ''Look for someone who compliments you not complete you. You're a whole on your own, you don't need anyone to complete you!'' 

10. Everything happens for a reason and everything will fall into place

You may question things about why and how they happened and you ask yourself over and over again where you went wrong or if things would be different if you had done something differently. Truth is, everything happens for a reason - don't question it, by time everything will fall into place. 

11. Time will heal

Whether it was the death of a close relative, a friend, a breakup or some sort of failure - time will heal, you just got to be patient!

12. Never miss a moment to tell someone you love them

Sometimes we take certain people for granted and for some reason we make them feel unloved and unwanted. I learnt this a couple of years ago - if you love someone MAKE SURE THEY KNOW IT!

13. Hold onto the people that matter 

Not everyone is meant to stay in your life forever. By time everyone will show their true colours so make sure you are holding on to the right people. You don't need any negativity in your life - let go of the people who never put you first!

14. Keep your promises

One of my best friends (hey Beverly!) once told me that to her a promise is everything. I used to tell her it's stupid to believe that, to believe in promises. Fast forward a couple of years, I actually think the same way she does now. When you're making a promise you're giving your word to someone that you're doing something - whether to meet up with them or to listen to them, whatever it is..a promise is a promise. It should never be broken and it should never be used to destroy another person.

15. Love unconditionally

I've never talked about religion or faith on my blog but when I was writing this blogpost I imediately thought of this verse when I arrived to loving unconditionally. This verse is from the bible and it's one of my favourite quotes that best describes love:

''Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.''

16. Step out of your comfort zone 

When we were shooting these photos Chloe asked me to push her on the swing. As I looked at her as she got way too excited that she was so high up in the air, it left me thinking about how scared I was to go on a swing when I was younger. A couple of falls later, I managed to do it! I know it sounds silly and stupid but my point is if I had never tried or if I had never failed I wouldn't have been able to go on that swing. What I am referring to here is our comfort zones. When we try out best to do something different, something unusual or something we have been wanting to do for a while; we feel so accomplished and slowly slowly we start getting out of our comfort zones when we eventually find the courage within us to do it!

17. Always put yourself first

I actually learnt this a couple of weeks ago. I mean, I knew it but I just never put it to use. People will always think of themselves before you - it's the harsh truth. Only a handful will put you before themselves, so treasure those few people and learn to always put yourself first - if YOU don't put yourself first, then who will?

18. Do what you love

Yes, I am referring to blogging amongst other things (from my perspective). Life is short and if we don't do what we love we'll end up living a boring and unhappy life. Do what you love! Whether it's dancing, hitting the gym, blogging, singing - whatever it is, if it brings you happiness and it makes you smile from cheek to cheek and it brings you satisfaction; then do it and forget what others think of it even if it's ''a waste of time'' !

19. Family over anything

Nobody is here to stay forever. I have to be honest with you, I get so scared and sad when I think too much about it but then again will it change anything? So might as well cherish the time we have with out loved ones and make sure that they know they are loved and appreciated. Spend time with your parents, siblings or nephews/nieces. Family should stick together and always be there for each other!

20. Get excited over the little things

Yes, I was copying Chloe's amazing modelling skills here! But seriously, I know so many people that are almost impossible to please. I've learnt to be happy with the little things. If you get a random 'I love you' text from your best friend, if you manage to do a difficult dance move, if you manage to finish all the tasks I planned to do during the day or if you manage to get my lazy self to go to the gym - every little thing is an accomplishment and you should get excited and happy that you've done it!

21. Be an example to others

I know sometimes it is difficult. But just imagine that you have a little brother or a little sister (even if you don't have!). Make sure that when they grow up they'll have someone to look up to and to be their inspiration!

That's it from my end! Hope you enjoyed it, I know it was something different. 

Have an amazing week and I'll talk to you in the next blogpost!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Chloe's Clothes: Debenhams Malta