Monday, 24 October 2016

Melita Health and Beauty 45th Birthday - Bloggers Event

Hi everyone 😄 I know you're probably wondering why we are posting this 2nd blog post on the same day. This is because we wanted to treat you to 2 posts today to thank you for the amazing support we've been receiving from you guys ❤

So last Tuesday we went to Melita Health and Beauty 45th Birthday Party which was a Bloggers Event. As soon as we entered the shop we were greeted by the lovely Jennifer who was the one who sent us the invites and she handed us a glass of wine each - which by the way I have to say was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It was honestly what we needed because both of us were extremely nervous as this was our first bloggers event! However, the salesgirls were so welcoming (shoutout to Daniela for putting up with all of the questions we asked about the makeup!) and they told us that if we wanted to ask something about any of their products or need their assistance they'd be happy to help. We were given the chance to go round the shop and try out and test some of the products that were in the shop.

Being two friends who went to a beauty related event definitely helped to calm down our nervousness! We started going round the makeup sections and I think we spent a solid 30 minutes near the Sleek stand - it was the 2nd stand we found 🙈 They have a full range of products and we nearly swatched all of the Matte Me Lipsticks! Going around we could easily see that they cater for everyone from drugstore products to high-end products, which is a really good choice as one could easily find what they are looking for irrespective of price. Some brands which really caught my attention were Makeup Studio , Sleek (obviously!), Rimmel and Stefania D'Alessandro. Apart from makeup items they also have a wide range of perfumes such as the new Good Girl perfume 😍 This was my first time going to this store but honestly I loved its setting and the fact that they have a wide range of products available - and an important added bonus was that the whole staff was very helpful and friendly!

We also met a couple of bloggers, some which we look up to such as A Blonde on the Go, As Told By Jade, Grazielle Camilleri, Claire from Attaire and many more bloggers whom we hope to meet very soon 😁

At the end of the event, after talking and sharing opinions about makeup with other bloggers we were each given a goodie bag and a delicious cupcake that we devoured within seconds 🙊

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Melita Health and Beauty for such a generous goodie bag which was filled with impressive products from different brands and for inviting us to such a lovely event! We are looking forward for more 😄 P.S. Expect reviews very soon on our blog on some of these products! If you are interested in any of the brands that Melita Health and Beauty sell you can contact them on their facebook page here or on their website here; we promise you you'll not get out of their shop empty handed !

That's all for today, see you on Wednesday!

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