Thursday, 5 October 2017

Wearing Glasses for Back to School '17

Hi loves - I'm back with another post! Today's post is a collaboration with the beautiful Claire from Attaire. She will be doing a simple makeup look that you can wear to school, university or even work (you should follow her on Instagram - she's amazing!!) and I am sharing with you Outfit no.2 for #backtoschool. I already shared one which you can see right here featuring band concert t-shirts.

For this post I decided to go a bit outside my comfort zone and take a couple of photos with my glasses. No, they are not fake glasses - I use them during lectures and for driving. I have a habit of not wearing them for the simple reason that I feel they get in the way of things not because I am shy or anything like that! And no, I haven't tried lenses - I'm scared!! Any tips?! Anyways, I decided to take a couple of photos with the glasses and dedicate this post to all those that may feel a bit insecure with their glasses and especially to those close to me that keep telling me over and over again to START wearing my glasses - this one is for you!

This outfit is a super comfy one! I wore the same pair of jeans I used in the previous outfit i.e. my favourite pair of boyfriend jeans. I paired that with a simple black tank top (could be white too!) and then threw over my plait shirt to give it more of a 'comfy look'. I finished the look by wearing my favourite sandals (you could opt for Converse or a regular pair of sneakers in case of rain haha!) and obviously my glasses! Super easy, super comfy!

Make sure to go check out Claire's post now on her blog and feel free to leave any comments below!

I'll see you all very soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

Outfit Details:

Tank Top - Terranova
Plait Shirt - Bershka
Jeans - Stradivarius
Sandals - New Look
Glasses - O'Hea Opticians
Bag - Promod

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