Thursday, 7 September 2017

Glowy Look ft. 3ina Best Sellers Collection

Hi friends! I am finally back with another blogpost 💓 Sorry I have been MIA for a bit longer than expected but the good thing is that I'm finally back. It's unbelievable how busy I have been these last couple of weeks and how time seems to pass by SO quickly! This is the 1st post of this week - hopefully if time permits I will be uploading two more blogposts. Also, I'm soon going on a short vacation with my friend and I may or may not be vlogging the whole thing so stay tuned!

For today's blogpost I would like to thank 3ina Malta for sending me yet another beautiful PR package, this time with their Best Sellers Collection. This post will be a review on these products and a simple glowy look featuring these lovely products.

The PR package consisted of 3 products:
  • The Highlighter in the shade 201
  • The Cream Eyeshadow in the shade 312
  • The Longwear Lipstick in the shade 503
I have only tried their cream eyeshadows before and I love them so much! I had purchased a bronzy cream eyeshadow that is very similar to this one (in fact I thought I got one that is exactly the same as mine but thankfully it was different, meaning I got to try another shade!).

As you can see this is a SUPER easy look. All I did for the eyeshadow is apply the cream eyeshadow with my finger all over the lid and then simply used a beige/tan shade as a transition shade to blend the edges and make it look smoother. I love these cream eyeshadows because they're so easy to use and if you're in a hurry to do your makeup this will take you a couple of seconds only! However, I would avoid using these cream eyeshadows if you don't like glowy or glittery shadows on your eyelids.

Moving on to the highlighter I fell in love with it instantly. I gives you such a natural glow and shimmer on your cheek bones. Definitely recommend this if you're looking for something more natural. If you're looking for a highlighter that instantly glows as soon as someone looks at your cheeks I would opt out of this one too.

And finally for the the liquid lipstick which is a pink-nude shade I have nothing but words of praise for it. It's got such an amazing consistency, it dries out completely to a matte finish but it is super creamy so it does not dry your lips AT ALL - in fact it does give you that silky long-lasting finish. Definitely recommend this!!

That is it for today's post! Hope you enjoyed it - you can get any of these products at any of the 3ina stores 💜

I'll talk to you all very soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

You can find any of the 3ina stores at The Point - Sliema, PAMA - Mosta and Qormi (next to Kiabi).

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