Saturday, 24 March 2018

London 2018 - Day 2 #Travel

Hi beauties! Hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend. For today I promised you part 2 of my London trip and here I am writing yet another travel blogpost. Also, as I promised you there is also the vlog of Day 2 which you MUST go watch now!! You can check it out here. If you haven't seen Part 1 of the vlog you can check it out here and if you haven't checked out the detailed blogpost of Day 1 you can also check it out here.

Enough about Day 1 now! It's time for Day 2. This was such an exciting day because the main reason why Roberto and I went to London was because we had tickets for an Imagine Dragons' concert and the concert was on our 2nd day!! Therefore, we didn't have much time to do other touristy things while we were there. The concert was at the O2 arena in North Greenwich so we thought it would be appropriate to to spend the day here and check out some cool spots!

Cutty Sark

The Cutty Sark is a British clipper ship. We only visited the inside of it and since that day was extremely windy the outside part of it was closed but nonetheless it was still so cool to visit! The museum is literally built around the ship. If you want to get the full experience and learn more about the Cutty Sark you can purchase your tickets here and you can better explore the ship!

Emirates Greenwich Peninsula

The Emirates Air Line is a cable car link across the River Thames in London, with sponsorship from the airline Emirates. It comprises a 1-kilometre gondola line that crosses the Thames from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria Dock, to the west of ExCeL London. It crosses the river Thames at a height of around 90 metres!! Funny story, I was so excited to get on this cable car and get some cool footage of London from the cable car that up until the point where the cab started its route I hadn't quite realized that we were going to be that high up! As I told you earlier, it was so windy that day that the cable started literally rocking from side to side and at one point they had to slow down the journey due to the strong winds. i am one that is slightly scared of heights and believe me guys; when I saw how high we were I had a mini panic attack and I honestly think I fainted for a couple of seconds but I tried as much as possible to enjoy the ride! Looking back though it was so funny haha - I kept telling Roberto to sit exactly next to me otherwise we wouldn't balance the cable car and I was terrified that it would 'tilt' to one side! Yes, I saw too many scary movies!! You can clearly see how scared I was in the vlog as there are certain parts of it that I didn't even notice I was filming too much of the seat in front of me and I was not getting any shots of the surroundings haha! However, I still recommend it to anyone (even if you're scared of heights - it will be over before you know it!) as you can see a really pretty view of Greenwich from up there! You can find more information about this right here.

Imagine Dragons Concert

As I told you before the main reason we were in London was for the sake of this concert. Now to be honest with you I wasn't such a big fan of them because it's actually Roberto's favourite bands but I ended up loving it! I screamed so much and I was actually quite impressed with all the lyrics I knew PLUS they sand my favourite two songs which are: Start Over and Walking the Wire, We made some friends from Cyprus which were really nice (you will also see them in the vlog). Dan who is the main singer of the band gave such an amazing show and what I loved about this band was that even the actual bands i.e. the guitarists ect had their own fans! Normally, only the main singer is the 'popular' one. If you want to see some live footage of the concert, make sure you check them out in the vlog!

That's it from my side for today! I'll talk to you next Sunday for the last part of my London trip together with part 3 of the vlog!

Happy weekend!

Deborah X

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