Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Back to School Outfits

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I'm stoked to be writing my first blog post! I hope you enjoy it and find it useful 😃 Let's begin!

So school is coming up and even though we try to deny the fact that the summer bliss will soon be over; it won't make our last couple of days of summer break go by any slower!! So I decided to prepare for you '5 Back to School Outfits' which will get you in the 'school spirit'. The outfits can be worn for school, university or even simply on a day-to-day basis.

I asked 5 of our friends to help us showcase these five outfits. I hope that this will help as an outfit inspiration.

Outfit #1

This is my go-to outfit.....ALL YEAR ROUND 😂 It's my monday-ugh-back-to-school outfit  😴 Let's face it, all I want to do on a Monday morning (especially if I have an 8am lecture) is just over-sleep, so naturally I just don't put any effort in my outfit because most probably I am running late! This is why I created this look; it's super comfy and easy to re-create while still looking presentable wearing it. Here, Jessica is wearing a ripped ankle-length denim jeans. Then she wore a baggy striped shirt and paired it with a pair of red converse to complete this comfy look. As a bag we decided that a backpack would go great with this outfit so we opted for a simple brown one.

Outfit #2

This is what I like to call the neutral outfit. Ilona paired a white tank top (you can wear a black or white kimono over it if you cannot wear tank tops to university or school) with some light washed high waisted jeans and a pair of simple white sneakers. You can switch up the shoes to any colour you want if you're wearing a white tank as white goes with literally anything. You can also opt for a blank tank top instead. For carrying the school necessities we opted for a long strap white handbag with brown and black.

Outfit #3

For the third outfit I decided to go for a 'pastel-themed' look. Beverly wore a light pink lacey t-shirt with some light washed jeans.  Keeping the number of colours to a minimum she paired it with pink sneakers that give the outfit that pop of colour it needs. You can do this with any colour obviously; though my favourite colours would have to be brown, red, blue or pink. If the lacey t-shirt is see-through because of the lace detail you can wear a tank top underneath it - in this case Beverly's shirt is a light pink (almost nude) so a skin colour or nude tank top would be great. For handbag we chose a simple black one for those days when you don't have too many things to carry.

Outfit #4

If you're looking for a simple outfit with that extra pop of colour, I got you covered! Denise here is wearing a dark washed jeans with a simple black ballerina shoes. What ties this outfit together is the sleeveless shirt that she is wearing both because of its colour and its style. This shirt is a neon coral shirt which has the bottom part of it tied in a knot. You can obviously opt for a long sleeve shirt or simply throw a cardigan over the shirt ! We chose a backpack with an aztec design for Denise's look.

Outfit #5

So I decided to name this outfit 'The Friday Look'. This outfit is that kind of outfit that you prepare on a Thursday night for you to wear the next morning because you're too excited that the next day will be the last school day of the week! Megan paired a black ripped jeans with a checked shirt. She also wore a simple necklace that I believe ties the outfit together, however, you can remove the accessory. For shoes, we opted for a black and white Nike's which I really love with this outfit. You can wear any type of sneakers from converse, regular sneakers or even in particular the Adidas Superstar sneakers that would also look perfect with this outfit. A simple black handbag that is slightly bigger than that in Outfit #3 is perfect for this look.

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We'll see you next Monday for another post! Happy weekend beauties 😙

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