Friday, 23 September 2016

How to clean makeup tools + makeup organization

Hi everyone 🙋 It's Friday and that can only mean one thing! New blog post is up 😄

After all that makeup we used during summer for parties, dinners, lunches and other activities; our brushes and sponges are probably disgusting right now. I washed mine a couple of days ago - just to get an idea of how dirty they were .. I spent about 10 minutes squeezing foundation and concealer out of my beauty blender..😣

Therefore today I will be sharing with you how I clean my brushes and what I use to store my makeup. Just a little disclaimer - this is my way of cleaning my brushes, there are hundreds of ways that you can do this but I thought this was the best way to do it plus there is no incorrect way here. As usual you'll find the links to some of the products mentioned at the end of the blog. Let's get cleaning!

I first start with my brushes. I use 3 things to do this - water, soap and disinfectant. What I like to do is grab a small plastic container (you will be throwing this away after you're done or keep using it only for cleaning your brushes) and 'mix' all these 3 together - so a little bit of water, some soap and some disinfectant (the amounts vary according to the number of brushes you need to clean). You're going to grab the brush, dip it slightly into the container (make sure you dip all of your brush) and then you're going to move the brush on the back of your hand in a circular motion.You will see the product (especially if it's a foundation or contouring brush) coming out of the brush on the palm of your hands. Keep doing so until no more product comes out of the brush - dip the brush multiple times if need be. Then simply rinse it off with water. I then place some tissue paper on a clean surface in the bathroom and place my brushes on it and let them air dry. It is important that you place the brushes horizontally and not vertically in some type of container because otherwise the excess water will get inside the brush and slowly starts to remove the glue that holds the brush together.

Brushes placed on a clean surface ready to be cleaned.

This is the antibacterial I use. You can purchase this from any pharmacy.
For the beauty blender, as you know, you cannot repeat the previous process because the sponge will simply absorb the water and soap. So I had bought a specific beauty blender cleaner and I apply a generous amount on the areas where I see foundation and concealer.
The product I use to clean my beauty blenders.
Move around the product on the sponge and then squeeze it - you'll start to see all the foundation and concealer coming out of it. I like to place it under tap water and squeeze it under the water until it is clean and fresh. You'll probably have to repeat the process a couple of times to get the beauty blender completely clean. Leave it to dry on a piece of tissue paper.

Tip: You'll realize that you have to change your beauty blender when you notice holes that are slightly large and you feel the beauty blender too light.

A dirty beauty blender that needs to be cleaned - it will be as good as new!

A dirty beauty blender that needs to be thrown away. Notice that you can barely see the edges.
After all of the brushes and makeup tools are dry and clean, you'll need somewhere to put them. Now I used to store them in a white makeup bag (from Carpisa) but once my makeup collection started expanding it was getting irritating to 'dive' for my makeup brushes or small makeup products at the bottom of the bag.
Makeup bag from Carpisa.
Therefore, I use this bag only whenever I travel or whenever I'm going to my friends' house and I have to take my makeup with me. I purchased all of my makeup organizers I use at the moment from Ebay for super cheap. You just type ''makeup organizers'' in the search box and choose your favourite.

I have two organizers where I put all my foundations, primers, eyeliners and lip liners, concealers, blushes and mascaras. I just place them wherever I feel they fit best.  Then I have another makeup organizer which I use only for the lipsticks and lipglosses (yes, I'm a lip junky). For my brushes I purchased two black containers with a butterfly detail on the front to place them there.

This is how I store them (you can move around the items however you like). I do have another makeup organizer but it's very similar to the first one so I did not include a photo of it. I included photos of the organizers with makeup in it so that you'll get an idea of how it will look plus the empty containers do not really show since they're transparent.

That is all for today! I hope this helped you in some way and that you found this post useful 😀
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Beauty-Blender Cleaner (similar to mine)
Brush Holder (butterfly detail)
Makeup organizers

Happy weekend beauties! Take care and we'll see you next Monday 💜

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