Friday, 30 September 2016

Makeup Do's and Don'ts

It's finally Friday πŸ˜†πŸ˜†! First week of uni is officially done and dusted (there's a long waaaay to go thoughπŸ˜“). However for the time being we can just enjoy the weekend ❤.

Let's start off this weekend by helping you look better next time you do your makeup. The following are makeup Do's and Don'ts which I learned through videos and past mistakes. I'm sure we all are guilty of doing some of the things mentioned below. Let's jump right in!

  1. It's extremely important to prime up your face before applying any makeup. This can be done with any primer you might have bought. It also helps if you apply moisturizer beforehand which can also act as a primer. 
  2. Make sure (please really do!) that your foundation matches your skin tone. If you have a lighter tone to your face compared to your neck, match the foundation to your neck so that both skin tones match. 
  3. Also, do blend your foundation down to your neck so that everything will be seamless and no edges will be seen. 
  4. Apply eye shadow before concealer so that any fallouts would be easily cleaned up by the concealer without having to apply tons of makeup. 
  5. Concealer should be one or two shades lighter than your foundation for under the eyes. I'd recommend using the same shade as your foundation to cover up pimples and imperfections so that these areas are not highlighted. 
  6. Concealer under the eyes should be applied in a downward triangle to illuminate the area without drawing too much focus directly under the eyes. 
  7. Once concealer is applied, set it with translucent powder to make it last longer. 
  8. Don't apply a huge amount of blush - we don't want any clowns around!
  9. While filling in your eyebrows go in with a light hand and don't use shades that are too dark compared to your natural shade. Remember that for your eyebrows to look more natural; the inner part of the brow is lighter than the end of the brow so don't fill them in too much!
  10. Don't apply concealer around your entire eyebrows as this would make them look very fake and unnatural. 
  11. However, do conceal under the brow bone to accentuate and highlight the area. 
  12. Do use an eye primer, this will help the colours stay put and last longer.
  13. Start your eye shadow by applying a light colour all over your eyelid, this will help with building up the colours and with blending. 
  14. Don't apply shimmery colours in your crease, the colour used in the crease has to add depth. 
  15. If your eye shadow look is dark apply a light colour on the insides to brighten and open your eyes up. 
  16. Don't clump up your eyelashes! 
  17. Don't over-line your lips too much - this will not look good!
  18. Apply lip balm before applying matte liquid lipsticks so that your lips will not dry out and crack.
  19. If you need to clean up the edges of your lips from excess lipstick just grab a small angled brush dip it in concealer and go over the areas you need to clean up. This will also make your lips look more sharp and accentuated.
  20. Highlighter should only be applied in small amounts - you don't want to look like a discoball!
Hope you find these tips and tricks helpful and if you were doing something wrong now you know! 
Happy weekend to all 😘
With love,

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