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Spring Lookbook 2018

HI EVERYONE! I am SO excited for this post. I have been preparing and planning this for a couple of weeks now and I honestly put a lot of hard work into this - hours of planning, preparing & an 8-hour filming day to present this to you. I am very proud of this & I am extremely grateful for the people I got to work with. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while now and I finally managed to do it! I present to you my Spring Lookbook 2018 video which you can check out here! Let me know in the comments down below what you think of it (I'm curious!!) or if you want you can message me on Facebook & Instagram!

Obviously, I couldn't do this video without preparing a blogpost to go along with it. Therefore I will go through all five outfits for further details. For details with regards to from where I bought the clothes, make sure to check the video - I listed everything there or else check the details at the end of this blogpost!

Outfit #1 - Wedding Guest

I know wedding season is upon us so I made it a point to include a dress that is perfect for a wedding that you might have coming up. I loved this dress - it's unique, formal & it honestly makes you feel like you can do anything - #princessmaterial! I love the detail of this dress and I love the colour of it - not too sparkly! For shoes, I wore these rose gold strappy sandals which I thought would go perfectly with my dress as well as this nude clutch bag. 

Outfit #2 - Festival Inspired

I have been seeing so many celebrities and youtubers going to festivals all over the world, mainly Coachella. Therefore, I was inspired to create this festival look perfect for springtime (even if you don't have a festival to attend to!) or any upcoming events where this outfit will be suitable. What I loved most about this outfit was obviously this gorgeous black & white sheer kimono as well as the metallic sticker tattoos. The kimono has such a beautiful lace detail that goes along with the lace detail of the white crop top. As for the tattoos,  I've had these tattoos for over a week now and I am so happy with how they still look at the moment. So if you're thinking of purchasing these for the summer time, I guarantee you that you'll have them on for quite a while. I think that you won't have a complete outfit without these metallic tattoos! I wore this skinny high-waisted jeans because I thought it's still a bit cold to wear shorts!

Outfit #3 - Spring Ready!

For this outfit I decided to go for a playsuit. Although a lot of people wear playsuits only during the summer time, I thought that this one is perfect for the spring time. For starters, it has a mid-length sleeve. Also, the colour (in my opinion) is perfect for spring because at this time of the year we start wearing brighter colours after wearing such dull colours during the winter season. I paired it with my rose gold strappy sandals and this beautiful white clutch bag with some golden corners which I absolutely loved! I apologize for being so pale - I need a suntan ASAP!

Outfit #4 - Sporty Casual

I really wanted to include an outfit like this in this lookbook. I wanted to include something that is fun and casual but something that can still make a statement. I chose this blue pants with a thick yellow stripe on the side and I paired it with this Brooklyn shirt which I tied with a knot to give the outfit more style  rather than leaving it as it is. For shoes, I simply paired it with my white trainers.

Outfit #5 - Lady in Black!

For this last outfit I wore something that I had never EVER worn - and that is a jumpsuit. I absolutely loved this, they're so comfy because you're wearing trousers but they are super stylish. Plus, I loved the one shoulder look and the detail on the right shoulder. For shoes, I wore my black court heels and for bag I chose this shoulder bag that has different shades of blues.

And that brings us to the end of this post! Make sure you watch the full Lookbook video right here and let me know by commenting down below or on the video whether you liked it or not and which outfit was your favourite - I'd like to know!

Makeup by the talented Daniela Ebejer

Special thanks goes to all my sponsors: Debenhams, Exclusive Malta, New Look, River Island, I love Make Up Malta, and last but not least Dawn for the filming & amazing editing of the Lookbook video as well as Maria Christina from MCMifsud Photography for these beautiful photos!

Thank you also goes to my friends and family for always supporting me especially Ilona, Roberto, Jessica, Charmaine & Beverly for letting me repeat over & over again about how excited I was about this project!

Deborah X

Outfit Details:

Outfit #1 - 
Dress - Exclusive Malta
Shoes - Missguided
Clutch Bag - Gallarija Darmanin

Outfit #2 - 
Crop Top, Jeans & Kimono - New Look
Metallic Sticker Tattoos - Rimmel

Outfit #3 -
Playsuit & Clutch Bag - River Island
Shoes - Miss Guided

Outfit #4 -
T-Shirt & Trousers - New Look
Shoes - Adidas

Outfit #5 -
Jumpsuit - ONLY at Debenhams
Flower Crown - Flower Crowns by Fran
Shoulder Bag - New Look
Shoes - Forever 21

Makeup by Daniela at I love Make Up Malta - Wedding Make Up Specialists using Eylure Lashes
Nails by Philippa at Nails & Beauty by Philippa - Nail n'Style
Photography by Maria Christina at MCMifsud Photography
Filming & Editing by Dawn Powell

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