Friday 21 October 2016

Fall Lookbook

Hi! Hope everyone is doing great and that you had an amazing start to your weekend πŸ˜„ Today's post is a super exciting one πŸ’›This is because we are bringing you our first Fall Lookbook. We worked extremely hard on this so we hope you enjoy it and get some style inspiration from it!

Before we get into today's post we would like to thank 5 of our beautiful friends for helping us out in today's post and bringing the ideas that we had for this lookbook to life. You'll find links to their Instagram at the end of the post ... and be sure to stay tuned to this page because you'll see their pretty faces very soon πŸ˜‰

So let's hop into today's post ❤🍁

Outfit #1 - Lara

For this outfit Lara wore this stunning coulotte which in my opinion SCREAMS Fall due to its vibrant orange and yellow colours. She paired it with a simple black crop top - anything that is tight, plain and neutral will go great with this coulotte as this will create balance in the colours and in how the whole outfit looks. She finished off this look with a pair of simple black strappy sandals.

Outfit #2 - Martina 

For outfit number 2, Martina wore this bodycon army green dress which in my opinion is another beautiful colour to wear for Fall. Now for those of you who cannot wear this kind of dress because of the cold weather you can easily throw on a chunky nude or brown scarf to keep you warm and cosy. She accessorized the outfit with an olive green bag and a pair of orange heels to give the outfit the pop of colour it needs.

Outfit #3 - Rebecca

Jumpsuits. Must haves. I L-O-V-E this jumpsuit and it's so classy! Rebecca here is wearing a simple black and white striped jumpsuit with a pair of red heels. I mean...what more do you need? It's the perfect combo 😍 You can throw on a black blazer or a blazer such as the one Rebecca is wearing that has the same design as the jumpsuit. Plus, the vertical stripes make you look slimmer and taller!!

Outfit #4 - Nicole 

We're going to switch things up now and go for something different! This is a fitted one piece dress-shirt. I feel that all of these pieces are autumn colours: maroon, army green, orange and mustard! This dress again has the vertical stripes which I love and is also long-sleeve - that's always a plus because you can wear it even when it's colder! Nicole paired this outfit with a pair of nude pumps.

Outfit #5 - Rebecca

For the 2nd outfit that Rebecca is wearing she wore this beautiful trench coat; one that is more on the shorter side. Underneath it she wore a simple black tee and paired it with a light washed denim distressed jeans and completed the look by wearing a pair of flats (Loafers).

Outfit #6 - Nicole

As you can see our love for jumpsuits is huge ! But I believe that it is the perfect combo for these colder months. It's like you want to wear something different rather than just a shirt and a pair of trousers but you're still not in the mood to show off your legs in dresses! Hence, Nicole paired this stunning green army jumpsuit (see, I told you it's a must have colour for Fall!) and paired with some chunky black heels and a black choker which in my opinion gives the whole outfit such a twist to it! Chokers are the trend right now so it's important you invest in one, plus you can find super affordable ones πŸ˜€

Outfit #7 - Rebecca

Yes, we are aware about the fact that we know a lot of Rebecca's! Rebecca is wearing this super cute and comfortable black skater skirt which she wore with a maroon crop top. For shoes she wore a pair of black rider boots to keep her warm during the colder days. To accessorize, she wore a chunky scarf that has a mixture of blue, grey and maroon and wore a handbag that has similar shades of blue as the scarf. You can throw on a leather jacket if it gets even colder!

Outfit #8 - Martina

For this last outfit, Martina incorporated a classy blue striped shirt with a pair of denim ripped jeans. She paired it with a pair of blue heels. I love the ripped jeans with this outfit because it gives it that edgy look - switch up the way you wear your shirts i.e. not always with black trousers or with really smart pants especially if you're going for a more casual look.

That's it for this Fall Lookbook! 8 beautiful outfits and 5 stunning girls - we hope you enjoyed it πŸ’—
We'll see you next Monday 😘


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