Monday, 17 October 2016

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Hi beauties 😆

Today I decided to switch things up and show you a recent smokey eye I did for a party I went to. Now a little disclaimer: I am no makeup artist and I've learnt everything from blogs and mostly youtube videos so I'm no professional. However, feel free to criticize me as I do want to improve my makeup skills! I will be focusing only on the eye look but if you would like to see a full makeup look with my foundation routine, mascaras I like to use ect., let me know in the comments section.

Smokey Eye

Today I will be using 3 makeup palettes however, two of them I used them just for one shade so you can use what you have. The palettes I will be using are:
1. NYX Dreamy Catcher Palette in Dusk till Dawn
2. Sleek Palette in Enchanted Forest
3. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Before I begin this makeup look I wanted to tell you that for this eye look since it's a smokey eye look the key to obtaining the best results is blending. I first started by applying a primer on my eyelids to help the eye shadow stay on longer. I applied White Chocolate (1) as a base and then using my Sigma Tapered Blending Brush (E40) I applied Salted Caramel (2) in the outer part of the eye and blended it well. I started building the colour by applying Hazelnut (3) in the same area where I applied the previous colour. Add as much of it depending on how intense you want your makeup look to be.
Sigma E40
After I've blended that well, I applied Pumpkin (4) on the rest of my lid i.e. on the inner part stopping right at the point where I've applied the first two eye shadows (Salted Caramel and Hazelnut). It is important that you blend the points where they intersect so that it looks as one colour.

I then started building up the intensity of the smokey eye by starting with applying Drizella (5), Lady Tremaine (6) and Triple Fudge (7) simultaneously. I know it sounds like a lot of shadows but I like to dip my brush slightly into the colour and slowly build up my look and since these colours are all brown it will help with creating that subtle-smokey eye before we add the black. I like this combo of 3 colours as Drizella and Triple Fudge are two intense brown shadows whilst Lady Tremaine is more of a dark purple shade which will add some dimension and add that subtle purple colour.

NYX B16 brush

Before I proceeded with the next step I made sure that everything was well blended so take your time with blending everything out. I spent about 5-10 mins blending at this stage because if you don't it will just turn out to be one hot mess! So blend, add more colour if you need and take your time on it. For blending I use the NYX B16 brush and move it in and out of the eyelid creating that cat eye shape. What I also did was apply some more of the colour Salted Caramel right in the crease of my eye and continued to blend everything out - I used it as my transition shade.

After I made sure that everything was the way I wanted it to be I dipped my brush very lightly in the darkest shade (the black one) (8) from the NYX palette and applied that in moderation at the end of my eyelid. Be careful with this colour as it is very intense and if you don't apply it properly or blend it properly you may end up looking like you got in a fight and had a black eye - so be careful! Obviousy, this will get better the more I try. The first time I tried such a makeup look, I looked like someone just punched me right in the eye - I had applied too much purple and black and it was just one big mess. Patience and practice is key here! I decided to not apply any eyeliner since the makeup look is quite an intense one.

Finished look!
That is all for this look! I hope you enjoyed it and please do leave comments below - as I said I am no makeup artist and I am open to learning new tricks and techniques. All the links and more photos of products I've used will be listed below.

See you soon! X


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette
Sleek Makeup Enchanted Forest Palette 098
NYX Dream Catcher Palette in Dusk til Dawn
Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush
NYX B16 Eyeshadow brush

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