Monday, 31 October 2016

Pampering Night - My Routine

And finally another week is here! Is it just me that I'm already tired of the hectic schedules and want my Christmas Holidays soooo badly? 😞 If you're with me on this one - I got you girl!

Today I decided to share with you my mini-routine for when I want to pamper myself a little bit. Without further ado - let's get on with today's post 😁

I like to do this routine either on a Friday night or on a Sunday night to relax and de-stress. I first start by running a hot bath and throw in a fancy bath bomb. Now recently a family member of mine went to the U.K. and bought me two bath bombs from Lush. Now if you feel that Lush is slightly overpriced you can find cheaper ones that are not branded even in Malta (so you'll avoid shipping costs). While I let the bath bomb do its thing I like to use my Dermalogica Face Scrub to scrub away dull skin and deep clean pores. The purifying clay helps soak up excess oils and debris.
Now I use all of these products as requested by my beautician so it's important that you read the labels on the products well before using them to see that they match your skin type or else consult your beautician. Even if I have makeup on, I'll apply the scrub all over my face and then remove the makeup afterwords.

Then I get into the hot bath and just relax and enjoy some alone time. I either like to light a scented candle to help me with the relaxation process while listening to some relaxing music. I usually take about half an hour contemplating about my life and about my hectic schedule and how the heck I'm going to manage to do what I did this week all over again the coming week; before I realize that my fingertips look those of an old woman and decide that it's time to get out of the bath!! By now I would have rinsed the scrub off my face and when I look in the mirror I usually see myself with 2 black eyes because of the mascara and eyeliner that I was too lazy to remove before I got in the bath! But it's okay because this is a pampering night so we're going to take care of that very soon. I like to put some coconut body milk which I bought from The Body Shop which has an amazing scent. Once I dry up and wear my comfy pj's I like to use a makeup wipe to remove all the residue and excess makeup that will be on my face.

To ensure that I removed all of my foundation, concealer, mascara and anything else I like to use the Simple Micellar Cleansing Water which I recently purchased from Melita Health and Beauty. I apply some of the micellar water onto a cotton pad and move it around my face. This will gently cleanse the skin while removing makeup. It will leave your skin feeling hydrated and clean. Afterwords, I use my Dermalogica Face Wash which I use for clearing away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils that clog pores and cause breakouts. Then I like to apply the toner to control excess oils and eliminate breakouts and moisturizer to control oily areas while giving my face a matte finish of the same brand. I have an oily T-Zone and I have found these products extremely helpful and useful.

A new product that I tried on a couple of days ago (which I got in my goodie bag at the Melita Bloggers Event) is this Vichy's smoothing and illuminating cream. It is a moizturizer that is designed to hydrate skin and make it appear smoother. My face felt so smooth after I've applied this!! I like to switch things up by sometimes using the Dermalogica moisturizer and sometimes using the Vichy one. What I like to do then is watch a Zac Efron or Channing Tatum and call it a day!

And that brings us to the end of our post 💜. I hope that this was somewhat useful for your next pampering night. Have a great weekend and we'll see you very soon!

Lots of Love,

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