Monday, 21 November 2016

Tips:How to be a morning person

Hi guys! Hope you're all feeling great! I'm imagining half of my family and friends laughing at the title of this post especially when they find out that it is me writing it. Why you may ask? Because I'm not even close to being a morning person. I am the worst when it comes to mornings; I hate them - I hate the feeling of getting up from your cozy bed, I hate the feeling of having to prepare for the hectic day ahead of you or the fact that you have to put on some makeup and wear something suitable for the day and GET STARTED! Let's just say I'm more of an evening person!

Then why am I writing this post? I'll tell you why! Well ... uni ... that's why! With having so many early lectures starting at 8am or 9am I had to do something to get me up from my bed and get started! So I've collected a couple of tips that I think will help a lot of my fellow evening people haha!! What are your tips to being a morning person? Comment down below - we'd like to know!

1. Prepare your outfit the night before
I'm going to be 100% honest today and I have to admit, I don't always do this but when I do I get ready a thousand times faster. Otherwise I have about 15 minutes going from outfit to outfit trying to decide which one to wear. Even if you just plan it in your head if you know that the weather can slightly change in the morning; at least when you wake up you know which pieces to pick out from your wardrobe.

2. Place your alarm on the other side of your room
I am one of those people that I turn off my alarm a thousand times even though I would have set 4 alarms! I found this really cool app called Alarmy. Basically what this does is that you set your alarm clock to the time you want and you choose a method to switch off the alarm in the morning. Until you switch off the alarm using the method that you would have chosen this alarm will not all..and you can't hit snooze. Even if you switch it off, once you turn it back on it will continue ringing! I chose the option of taking a photo for the alarm to stop. So what I do in the evening is I take a photo of something that is far from my bed so that I'll have to get up of my bed to turn it off (for instance my desk) and in the morning up until that point where I get out of bed and take a photo of my desk the alarm will NOT stop. Be careful of the lighting as it will make a difference and sometimes even though you are taking a correct photo it will not recognize it due to the different lighting. There are other ways you can turn it off but I feel that this is the best alarm system ever!

3. Go for a walk
I don't have time to do this in the morning but I sometimes do this in the evening. I prepare my training clothing and as soon as I get up of bed on a Saturday or Sunday morning I go for a 20 minute walk and then for a shower right after that! Trust me it will wake you up!!

4. Prepare a cup of coffee
What I like to do is prepare an insulated coffee mug the night before with some cappuccino (the individual sachets) and add a teaspoon of sugar so that in the morning I just have to fill it up with hot water and I can drink it on my way to university and it will give me the caffeine boost I'll need.

5. Do your morning skin routine
If you do your skin routine right after you get out of bed not only you'll get that out of the way but it will help you feel fresh and more awake!

6. Set a to-do list
If you have a list of the things you have to do in the morning you are more likely to wake up and get started so that you can start eliminating the things you've done. If you've got no motive to get out of bed you're more likely to over-sleep.

7. Seize the day!
Make the most out of your day!! Even if you only have an hour free to do something useful - do not waste it. Remember that although you may not be where you want to be you're one step closer than you were yesterday ;)

That is all for today! I hope that this helped you in some way or another.
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