Friday 11 November 2016

Fall Inspired: 5 Fashion Statement Pieces + Makeup Look

Happy Friday to you all 😁 I'm so excited for the weekend (I feel this is me every single Friday), who's with me?

So tonight's post is all about my favourite autumn wardrobe must-haves PLUS a fall inspired makeup look! Hope you'll enjoy it 💟

Statement Piece #1 - Bomber Jacket
The first statement piece I wanted to include in this post is a BOMBER JACKET. I feel that bomber jackets add so much to an outfit plus if the weather where you live is somewhat similar to ours i.e. cold in the morning and hot in the afternoon (the weather hasn’t settled in yet) this would be perfect. My bomber jacket is from Forever 21 and it’s black and white. I paired it with a red and blue polo shirt, ankle-length jeans and some white converse.

Statement Piece #2 - Green Army Jacket
The second statement piece we’re going to talk about is a GREEN ARMY JACKET. This is perfect for those of you who live in places where it rains a bit throughout the day. I paired mine with a grey sweater and the same jeans and pair of shoes as Outfit 1. Although this jacket is not ideal for places where it rains a lot – as this jacket soaks in all the water, it is perfect for when the weather is still settling (like in Malta) and there will be the probability of some rain – you know...just enough rain to make your straight hair go curly again!  Again, I bought this jacket from Forever 21.

Statement Piece #3 - Button Up Skirt
This next outfit is probably my favourite. As you know these skirts are so trendy at the moment. Basically I bought this camel BUTTON-UP SKIRT from H&M and I always love to pair with this black shirt and throw on a black leather jacket if it is cold. Since the skirt is on the shorter side and I’m a bit self conscious I like to wear it with a black see-through tights; I wouldn’t wear this bare legged especially if it is colder where you live. I like to pair this outfit with some black heeled boots.

Statement Piece #4 - Cotton Dress
Another favourite outfit of mine is probably this one right here. This is a simple COTTON DRESS that I bought from Mango.  It’s black and white so you can dress it up or dress it down however you want. I like to pair mine with a see you through black tights and black heel boots just like in the outfit before. This dress is a mid-length sleeve but I like to wear a short, light washed denim jacket over it to add a bit more style to it.

Statement Piece #5 - Blazer

And for the last outfit the statement piece I chose is a BLAZER. Firstly it’s amazing for when it’s slightly cold outside plus it adds so much to an outfit.  My blazer is from Bershka and it is a black one. I paired it with a light nude-pink strappy top and a pair of ripped jeans. Finally I wore a pair of black sandals with a chunky heel. You can change the shoes according to how appropriate it is to your weather.

Let's move on to the makeup look now!

I love fall makeup looks as it always includes neutral and nude colours paired up with a statement lip. The following makeup look was inspired by the changing colours of the leaves and warm toned colours.

A little disclaimer before we start – I am no makeup artist and what I know about makeup I've learnt it from videos and trial and error so if something I did is wrong I'm sorry - however please feel free to leave comments or send an email to criticize and correct me,  I would love to learn more! 

For my base I used the Sleek Cream Contour Kit (Light) to lighten up my dark under eye circles and then applied my NYX Stay Matte but not Flat liquid foundation and blended it out well with my Beauty Blender. After contouring my cheeks and chin and lightening up under the eyes with the Sleek palette I set everything with the Rimmel Match Perfection silky loose face powder in transparent (01).

Next I moved onto eyeshadow. I first used an orangey shade from the NYX 10 Colour Eyeshadow Palette – The Runway Collection (upper row 3rd shade):

I used a fluffy crease brush and applied this shade all over my crease. Build up this colour to make it more intense so that it won’t be lost under the colours applied on it. After having an intensely orange crease (yes it will look scary and funny at this point!), I applied Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow in the shade Bandit. This is a beautiful shade of brown with a slight undertone of red – just perfect for fall!

I applied this colour with a sturdy crease brush for more precision onto the outer part of my crease. I blended it out with the other shade using a blending brush and then applied more of Bandit and redid the process of blending and applying more colour until I was satisfied with the outcome. I then applied the same shade – Bandit – all over my lid to set up a base colour. I applied it using my fingers as I find that with this particular brand it is easier to apply with fingers than with brushes, plus it gives off more pigment this way. I again blended everything well with a blending brush.

At this point the look will look fabulous if really blended well, however all colours used were matte and I do like a bit of shimmer to go with my eyes. So I used my Carli Bybel BHCosmetics Palette:

I applied the 3rd shade from the 2nd row which is a rose gold shimmer shade (so beautiful!!) at the centre of my eyelid. This complimented Bandit so well! Then to make my eyes pop more I used the 2nd shade from the 1st row,which gives off the perfect white light shimmer, onto the inner corner of my eyes. I blended everything well and then finished off my eye makeup with a winged eyeliner using NYX Matte Liquid Liner and some mascara using the Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara.

To finish of my look I applied a Nars blush in shade Orgasm, some highlight on my cheekbones from the Carli Bybel Palette and on my lips I used BHCosmetics Liquid Lipstick in the shade Lust. 

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