Monday, 13 February 2017

Last Minute Valentine's Day Makeup

Hi loves! Today will be the last post for Valentine's 2017 😭 I will link all of the Valentine's Day related posts that I uploaded up till now at the end of this post. In a couple of days I posted 3 Outfits for Valentine's Day - a casual one, an outfit for a girls night out and an outfit for a lunch date as well as a day time/night time makeup transformation look that although it is not Valentine's Day themed you can still get a couple of ideas if you plan on spending the whole day with your loved one 💗

So for today's post I will be showing you a brown smokey eye look using the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I will only be focusing on the eyeshadow part of the look but if you want me to do a full face makeup routine or a foundation routine let me know in the comments down below. Obviously, it's not necessary to use this palette - you can use whatever palettes you have and use similar colours and put your own twist to it! Let me know down in the comments section, if you liked these Valentine's posts and what you'd like to see next on Distorted Priorities.

With that being said, let's get on with today's makeup look!

I first started by applying an eye primer to help the eyeshadow stay on much longer. I then went ahead and applied White Chocolate all over my lid. I always like to apply a white/nude shade all over my lid to act as a base to the rest of the shades I apply after. I then go in with Salted Caramel and slowly start working the colour in my crease to create dimension. The key here is to blend really well. I then continue working on the crease by adding Hazelnut to the crease.

After each shade that I apply I make sure that it is well blended. Next comes the dark shade and here it is important that you careful - less is more ladies! It's better if you apply bit by bit rather than applying too much product on your brushes and ending up looking like you have a black eye! I do this by applying Triple Fudge to the very end of the crease. This is what creates the smokey eye so take your time with it and go back and forth with this colour and the previous ones to get the desired look.

I like to apply that little bit of a plum shade to a brown smokey eye and that's what I did today. I used Cherry Cordial and used a denser brush to intensify the colour. After making sure that I  blended everything really well, I applied Marzipan to the inner part of the eyelid to create a contrast between the dark shades at the end of the eyelid and the light shades in the inner part of the eyelid.

To finish off the look I picked some of the Triple Fudge & Cherry Cordial shade on a liner brush and applied that to my lower lash line to compliment my eyeshadow. To highlight the brow bone I used Champagne Truffle. For the lips I used Chi by ColourPop.

That is all for today's post! Hope you enjoyed it 😄 If you have any blog posts suggestions don't forget to leave them down below 😊

One last thing before I go! At the moment we have a giveaway going on our Facebook page where you can win a 9-piece brush set by Make-Up Studio costing €129. Make sure you check it out here and enter! Best of luck!!

Take care,
Deborah X

Model: Jessica Briffa
Photographer: Sabrina Sacco
Makeup done by myself on Jessica

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  1. So pretty, I think I need to try this look myself some time! I am loving your blog too, you should be really proud of all your hard work! x

    1. Thank you so much Adele! Make sure you send us a photo of the look if you try it out or tag us on Insta - we'd love to see your recreation!