Friday, 14 April 2017

Easter Makeup Look ft. Melita Health & Beauty

Hi loves! Easter is almost upon us so I thought it would only be appropriate to create a wearable makeup look to give you some inspiration for any Easter Lunches or Dinner that you might have. For this post we've partnered up with Melita Health & Beauty to show you some of their luxury products. Huge thank you goes to Daniela & Alexia for their help!

I tried this look for St.Patrick's Day and I posted a sneek peak of the look, but I wore it again to shoot the photos for the blog, that's why you might see slight changes in the makeup and the outfit. All of the products I will be using are from Melita Health & Beauty and you can ask for these products to any of the lovely sales girls. As you are about to see you will notice something different in today's post. I had a lot of requests to start including a short video while applying makeup especially eyeshadow so that you can get a better idea of how to apply it. Today I decided to do that just for the eyeshadow bit - let me know whether you like it or not and if I should continue doing it (it's at the end of the post)! I had already applied primer, foundation and concealer and went straight to using the eyeshadow palette. Please excuse the hair - it wasn't in its best form!

Let's just dive right into today's post!

To start of this look I used the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Start Instant Perfecting Primer. The texture of this primer is very smooth and it helps with being able to apply it all over your face and helps your makeup stay on for much longer. In fact, for St.Patrick's I had makeup on for about 12 hours and with all the dancing that was involved it still remained looking fresh as soon as I got back home.

Moving on to foundation I used the Collistar Perfect Wear Face Foundation. I honestly thought I would not see any difference with this foundation when compared to other foundation because let's be honest, as long as they cover your imperfections I'm good to go! However, as soon as I applied this foundation my face & skin instantly looked flawless (and I do have a couple of pimples and imperfections at the moment); the areas where I usually have slight redness disappeared completely and it left me with such a bright looking complexion and matte finish. I was honestly in awe of how much this product actually covers up any imperfections!

For concealer I used two different products, both for different purposes. The first concealer I used is the Collistar Corrector Camouflage. I used this to cover any spots and pimples I had, a bit on the forehead and on the sides of my mouth so that when I smile I don't have any creases!

For my under-eye bags and dark areas that have been recently getting worse, I used the Shiseido Sheer Eye Zone Corrector. Let me just tell you guys, my under-eyes never looked better! It felt like I just woke up from a week of sleep because my under-eye bags completely vanished!

To set everything in place and give my face a matte finish I went ahead and used the Clarins Everlasting Compact Foundation in the shade 103 Ivory.

Moving on to my favourite part of the makeup look i.e. the eyes! For eyeshadow I will be using the Clarins 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Rosewood. I love the colours - they're a mixture of purples and browns, perfect for the transitioning into Spring. The first shade is a light-pink tone colour (almost beige), the second shade is this gorgeous brown shade with a slight purple tint to it, the 3rd shade is a mauve type of colour and the last colour is this dark plum colour. I fell in love with this palette! What I did to create the eyeshadow look is quite simple. First I applied the first shade all over my lid as a base. Then I picked some of the second shade onto my brush and applied that into the crease up until approximately the middle of the crease. Picking the third mauve shade I applied that to the outer V of the eyelid and blended everything until I liked how it looked. Finally, I picked a denser brush to apply the last plum shade to deepen the eye look slightly. 

To finish off this eye look I used the Collistar Wet & Dry Double Effect Eyeshadow in the shade 23. I applied this stunning shade in the inner corner of my lids to brighten the eye and create contract between the inner eyelid and the outer V as well as I applied some of this product to highlight my brow bone.  

For eyeliner I used the Collistar Eye Liner Shock. I loved how intense the black of the liner is, that the brush is very sturdy and it does not smudge at all! In fact, before I was going to remove my eyeliner, it was still looking as fresh as the first hour I had applied it.

For blush I used the Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in the shade Vintage Pink 22. I have never tried these types of blushes (prism) but I completely fell in love with it! I just swirled my blush brush in all the 4 shades and I got a lovely rosy shade on my cheeks.

For mascara I used the Clarins Mascara Supra Volume as well as the Stefania D'Alessandro High Definition & Volume Mascara. I loved the combination of these two together as I love my lashes to be super black, full and long. The Stefania D'Alessandro mascara is the one I applied first to my top and bottom lashes. It has a very light and thin brush to apply the mascara and I loved that because it helped with not having any clumps on my lashes (especially the lower ones). The Clarins one is the one I applied only to the top lashes to give my lashes a more fuller look.

And finally for the lips I used a mix of these pretty nude-pink shades: the Givenchy Lipstick in the shade Beige Plume 102 as well as the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in the shade 705 Soft Berry.

That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this makeup look and don't forget that all of the products mentioned above can be found at Melita Health & Beauty. You can visit their website, their Facebook page or else their outlet in St.Julians. Don't forget to follow them on Instagram to keep up with the latest products and promotions. Apart from these luxury brands, Melita also sells brands such as Make-Up Studio, Sleek, Clinique, Bourjois, Revlon, Maybelline, Max Factor, L'Oreal & Rimmel as well as plenty of Skin-Care products such as Dermalogica & Simple and other beauty, skincare and perfumery products. You will not exit the shop empty handed, that's for sure!

The eyeshadows I used are testers and that is why they look different than the previous photo. If you would like me to do whole makeup looks including these kind of videos, let me know!

I'll see you guys very soon! 

Deborah X


  1. Love the look! <3 is the Collistar concealer any good?

    1. Thank you dear! Yes, I loved it - a little goes a long way!