Sunday, 11 December 2016

Winter Lookbook #Blogmas

I can't believe this is already Day 11 of #blogmas! I hope you're enjoying all these posts I have prepared for you 😍

With winter coming up/upon us (the weather in Malta still haven't settled down) I decided to come up with a couple of outfits that will give you some winter inspiration. Huge thanks to Jessica, Megan, Erica and Sarah for helping me out in this post - link to their Instagram accounts will be found at the end of the post!

Outfit #1

Jessica here is wearing this knee-length beige coat. I feel that a statement piece such as a coat is a must-have in your wardrobe. You can wear it with simply anything and it is excellent for layering. Underneath the coat she wore a striped blue and white shirt with a slightly distressed blue jeans. To finish the look she wore a pair of brown booties.

Outfit #2

For outfit number 2, Megan wore a white fluffy sweater which I love so much. I feel that all I wear during this cold season are simply sweaters! And I believe that a white sweater is a necessity as you can wear it however you want and you can also dress it up or dress it down. She paired it with a green bomber jacket (another statement piece) and a black ripped jeans. She finished this look by wearing her white converse. 

Outfit #3

Erica here is wearing a simple pair of black jeans with a grey criss-cross shirt and thew on a black and grey sweater to keep her warm since the grey top is made up of a lighter material. She then finished the outfit with a pair of black heel booties.

Outfit #4

I decided to switch things up a bit with a different kind of outfit. Here Sarah is wearing a sweater dress. These kind of dresses are simply amazing because they are made of thick material, they keep you warm and they make you look quite dressy! Sarah wore a see-through black tights and her black boots. To give a bit of colour to her outfit she added an over-sized denim jacket and a checked black and white scarf. COMFIEST outfit.

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I'll see you tomorrow! Hope you had a great Sunday X

With love,

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