Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Outfit Post #Blogmas

I can't believe it's #Day6 of Blogmas already! I know you're loving all these outfit posts and I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has messaged me personally or through the page to give me feedback about the posts mainly the outfit ones!

Today's outfit is a very simple one but I have been wearing this quite a lot either if I'm going out for lunch with my friends or if I'm going for some shopping. I love the pop of colour that the sweater has.

Let's get into the details!!

I first began this outfit by wearing this pink-peach sweater which keeps me SO warm! Now since the sweater is lightly see-through since it is knitwear I like to wear a tank top underneath it either a black one or a nude-pink colour. You pick your fave! I then paired the sweater with a regular dark washed jeans. To finish off the look I threw on my go-to fashion statement which is my black leather jacket which by now I think you have become quite familiar to it! I paired this whole outfit with my ankle-length booties with a chunky heel. I threw on my big black and white blanket scarf as it was really cold that day plus I was recovering from a cold so I didn't want to make it worse!!

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Thank you for reading today's post and I'll see you tomorrow!

Huge thanks to my friend Julia for capturing these beautiful photos.

With Love,

Outfit details:

Sweater - H&M
Jeans - Mango
Boots - H&M
Leather Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Blanket Scarf - Mango

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