Saturday, 25 March 2017

Monochrome Outfits

Hi everyone! Saturday is finally here and so is the weekend 😄 I've been so busy these last couple of days that I'm just excited that the weekend is finally here - it's like the time that I get my life together again for another week! I know I promised you I would get up a travel post this week but unfortunately I had had some unexpected things that came up and I have to postpone it but I'm trying my best to get it up ASAP!

For today's post I decided to share with you 2 Monochrome Outfit Ideas. I know that Spring is upon us and some people start switching to lighter colours but I believe that Monochrome are all-year-round type of colours and that's why I decided to share it with you! I switched things up a bit by trying to incorporate some colours with the monochrome look as you will see in the photos very soon. Let me know what you think of them! All photos were taken by the lovely Sabrina Sacco and all the details to the outfits will be listed at the end of the post.

Outfit no.1

You've seen some of the pieces I am wearing in previous posts but a couple of weeks ago I tried on this outfit to go for tea with my friends and I really loved how it turned out. I had bought this black button-up skirt for summer-time but I really wanted to wear it during this time of the year and I was hesitant on whether it would look good with a pair of see-through black tights. In my opinion, it looks pretty good! So for this outfit, I wore my black button-up skirt with my black see-through tights. I wore my cropped long-sleeved maroon sweater over the skirt and to make sure that I won't have to pay attention to my tummy being seen (I hate that!) I wore a black tank top underneath it (you might see it in some of the photos!). To finish this outfit off .. you know it! I threw on my FAVOURITE black leather jacket and my black booties.

Oh, and I met Roy too - he wanted to be in the blog so we posed for some photos together! We had a chat too and he told me he loved my outfit 😉

Outfit no.2

For this outfit I decided to do something more comfy. Therefore I paired my black jeans with a simple black sweater. I love this sweater because it's short from the front and long at the back, thus making it slightly different than regular sweaters. You can throw on a jacket on top of the sweater, whether it is black or coloured. For the shoes I went for my mustard boots to add some colour to the look.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed it, stay tuned for more exciting posts coming up next week!

Deborah X

Outfit 1:
Leather Jacket - Stradivarius
Maroon Cropped Sweater - Stradivarius
Black Button Up Skirt - Forever 21
Black Booties - H&M

Outfit 2:
Black Sweater - 
Black Jeans - Stradivarius
Mustard Boots - H&M

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