Monday, 6 March 2017

Review: Arad Dead Sea Malta - Facial Hydro Mousse

Today I will be sharing with you another review from the brand Arad. This time I will be talking about the Facial Hydro Mousse Self Foaming Cleanser. I have already uploaded a review from this brand on another product that is the Facial Hydro Mousse which you can read here. As usual, first I am going to tell you what this products promises to do for you.

''Rich stable soap-less foam for quick and convenient cleansing of face and neck from skin impurities and make-up. Suitable for all skin types, due to gentle formulation...''

To use this product all you have to do is ''apply foam to your hand and message in circular movements [wet face]...'' Then you simply rinse with water!

My thoughts...
I normally use makeup-remover wipes to use this product however I decided to give it a go! Now I know that although it doesn't tell you anything on the bottle with regards to using it on your eyes; I knew it would probably not be the best idea but I decided to try anyways! So last Sunday I had a friend's birthday party and I decided to test it out that night. I had on a full face of makeup with foundation, contouring, eyeshadow, liquid liner and mascara. I applied it all over my face and even on my eyelids and gently rubbed to help remove the makeup and dirt off my face. Although it did sting a little (on my eyes), as soon as I rinsed off the product off my face I was perfectly fine! Just be careful if you decide to use it on your lids. I was super happy with the result as I didn't need excessive rubbing to remove my makeup especially with regards to the eye makeup and I was very pleased with it despite the slight stinging I felt. When I use makeup remover products on my eyes I find myself scrubbing harshly and ending up with red eyes. With this product I didn't have to do that which is why I love it! I'll insert a photo below of myself with and without makeup (after using the product) so that you can be your own judge. And yes, I was wearing my pink pyjamas!!

If you have any questions on this product or any other product from Arad or would like to know from where you can purchase these products you can either message us on our Facebook page or else message Arad Dead Sea Malta Facebook Page. You can also check out their website for further details.

See you soon & have a great week!
Deborah X

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