Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Black Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Hi everyone, So as promised last week, for today I’ll be showing you how I created this smokey eye. I really love this look, it’s so bold and edgy. For today I will be skipping the foundation routine and focusing on the eyes.

So for today’s look I used the OPV ‘Gorgeous’ Palette. Hereunder you’ll find a picture of the palette with the numbers on top of the shades indicating which shades I used one after the other. So as always I first conceal my eyes to remove any discolouration and have a clean base. For that I used the Maybelline Instant age rewind concealer. Since I have oily eyelids I ALWAYS set them with a loose powder (transparent) or else a nude eyeshadow. It’s a great tip for not having your eyelids creasing and also having a good base for your eyeshadow. Setting your concealer will also help when blending your eyeshadow. Today in this look, it’s all about blending, blending and blending! We do not want any harsh lines showing.

So the first shade is called the transition shade. A transition shade is about a shade or two darker than your own skintone which this will helps to merge colours together. After applying my transition shade I then went on a more darker colour than the transition shade to intensify the look. With a tapered blending blush I took a burnt orange kind of colour to my crease. Using this brush helps me to define more the crease. Some may think that a smokey eye is really hard to do, but in my opinion it’s really easy. All you need is patience to blend! Which comes to this. On the lid, I apply gel liner. For this look, I used the BH cosmetics gel liner in the shade black. Applying it with a small concealer brush, I then set it with a black eyeshadow which you’ll find it in this palette as well. Here’s where all the hard blending begins. You will need to make sure that the black and the orange crease blends together and not having any lines showing. To make sure everything is blended nicely, I take around 10 minutes for both eyes to blend them well. For the under-eyes, I took the same orange colour and blend it out on the lower lash line.Lastly, taking a light colour for the inner corners for a light highlight. Basically, that’s all.You can also add some glitters to the look but since I’ve recently started posting make up looks, I wanted to start with simple looks and then building them up. I will be using glitters in the upcoming posts for sure! Promise!! Any looks like these will forever be my favourite looks, cause there isn’t any winged liner involved, and you’ll know for sure how the outcome will turn out to be!

I hope you learnt some new tips from this post. Thank you for your constant support! Lots of love, Nicole x x x OPV Gorgeous Palette

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