Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Review: Arad Dead Sea Malta - Fluffy Body Mousse

As you might have seen a couple of days ago I received some products from Arad Dead Sea Malta for me to try and review them for you. Today I will be reviewing the Fluffy Body Mousse.

Arad is the latest in natural skin care sourced from the Dead Sea, the world's deepest natural mineral-rich reservoir, that has been used for thousands of years for its therapeutic powers. We combine the most advanced scientific know-how with age-old natural remedies to offer the best in pure skin care.

All Arad 26 products are based on a precise blend of 26 active minerals, maintained in their purest form, combined with natural plant-based ingredients such as pomegranate, propolis and Mari-Coll N-30. Together, they help enhance the mineral benefits and address the multiple needs of all skin types.

To be completely honest with you I was a bit hesitant when trying out these products because firstly I do not use new products especially for my facial skin-care routine other than those that are suggested by my beautician. Secondly, I honestly do not really test new products for smoother skin or to improve my skin - let's just say that I'm a bit lazy haha!

However, I have been hearing about Arad Sea from their page, from my friends and also from bloggers and I really wanted to try out their products. As soon as I received the products I started incorporating them with my skin care routine and swapped my usual products to the Arad ones so that I'll know that the results are completely 100% due to the new products.

I have tried the Body Mousse for about 5 times now because I wanted to make sure that my opinion about this product is not biased but is truly what it is. This product states that it will ''soften and moisturize while providing natural nourishment. Enriched with Aloe Vera, chamomile extracts and Vitamin E.''  All you have to do to use this product is simply shake it well before using it and then apply directly to the skin - this product is obviously in a mousse form.

My thoughts..
Guys..this product smells like summer - I'm not kidding.  As soon as you apply it on your body you can easily smell the Aloe Vera scent which I LOVE. Now either because my After-Sun cream smells like Aloe Vera and therefore automatically I think of summer or because of any other reasons that I am not aware of - this product reminds me of summer and it smells SO good. I applied a generous amount on the palm of my hands right after I got out of the shower and then applied it all over my legs and arms. It's easily absorbed into the skin and it leaves your body smelling so fresh. After the application you'll have smooth legs and arms. I loved this product so much for the following reasons:

  • the amazing scent
  • how easily it is absorbed
  • does not leave your body feeling sticky
  • leaves you feeling fresh 
  • your legs feel so moisturized and smooth

If you have any questions on this product or any other product from Arad or would like to know from where you can purchase these products (I still have 4 more reviews coming up!) you can either message us on our Facebook page or else message Arad Dead Sea Malta Facebook Page. You can also check out their website for further details.

Thank you once again to Arad Dead Sea Malta for the products and I'll see you all next time!

Take care,
Deborah X

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  1. I absolutely love this product. The product container and label are stylish and sturdy. The dead sea products has a slight smell that is soothing to me, I don't mind the fragrance at all and after using the product my face felt a lot smoother and looked more clear (complexion wise). The mask is easy to put on and remove... source -