Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for HER #Blogmas

Christmas is around the corner and despite all the excitement and happiness you feel when you open a present you know that there is actually a headache behind every great present ! You have to make sure that the gift you get someone is something that they'll enjoy, something that remind them of you or something that they'll actually use. Today I decided to give you a couple of ideas of what you can give your sister, mother, best friend, grandma, cousin, girlfriend, wife .. whoever it is I can assure you they will love it 😍

As tomorrow is a public holiday in Malta and most people will be off from work I thought it would be the best day to post this so that you can get a couple of ideas before hitting the stores tomorrow. Shall we get started? Let's goo!⏳

1. Makeup

Now I know that this is quite a broad term but you can literally buy anything you'd like here and at any budget you might have. You can opt for a gift pack or if you're creative you can also create your own gift set by purchasing a makeup bag and filling it up with goodies your special someone would love. The options are endless: eyeshadow pallettes, lipstick sets, nailpolish sets, mascaras, eyeliners or even a contouring and highlighting kit.

Tip: Stay away from foundations and concealers. To begin with it's not the ideal present to buy someone a foundation to cover their imperfections plus it might be quite tricky to pick the right shade that matches the skin tone of the receiver.

I recently got this Deborah Milano Nailpolish which I loved - the colour is so Christmassy 💅 You can purchase this online or from any of Remedies Pharmacies.

Shade no. 33

There are also a couple of websites that have free or cheap shipping and do not take long for their products to arrive so I suggest to check them out:
Cult Beauty
Beauty Bay

2. Photo related items

I love purchasing birthday or Christmas gifts from PhotoBox. You can customize your own photo album, cushion, mugs, canvas, desk decoration and lots more!!

3. Candles

As you might have seen I have been obsessing over candles. You can buy Yankee Candles or simply scented candles. You can find these type of candles from a lot of local shops and I can promise you they'll love them ❤

4. '100 reasons why I love you'

This is mainly for the creative ones and it is directed for those that are giving this present to their significant other or even great for giving it to your sister, cousin, best friend or parents! I had done this for my friend's birthday. I simply wrote reasons why I love her on a couple of coloured paper and put them in a jar and then decorated it - it's that simple!

5. Books

If the person you're giving the gift is a bookworm you can go in one of the many book stores in Malta and pick a couple of books for her!

6. Perfume

You can never go wrong with perfume!

7. Ryanair voucher

I don't know about other airlines but I'm sure about the Ryanair ones; you can pay online for a voucher that you would be giving as a gift. You'll get a coupon code by email and then when one is paying for a flight they'll use this code - plus you have the option to divide the voucher however you like so you don't have to spend it all at once.

8. Frame

If you have someone you'd like to give a gift to but you don't want to spend a lot of money you can purchase a simple frame and then either put a collage in it or a special photo of your favourite memory together. You can also include a letter that you'll place in the back of the frame.

9. Spa Day

Most girls/women would love to get this kind of gift but sometimes are not willing to actually book an appointment for a spa day for themselves so by giving them a voucher or a paid spa day (preferably you'd go with them to enjoy the day together!) they will remember this gesture for sure!!

10. Body Shop goodies

If your friend loves anything from moisturizers, perfumes, makeup, lip balms, body butters, body lotions, body milk ... BODY SHOP is the place to go to!! They also have cute gift sets that are super affordable.

I hope this gift guide helped you in some way or another! If you have any other ideas comment down below and if you have any #Blogmas post ideas make sure you let me know!

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Have a great night and I'll see you tomorrow!

With Love,

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