Friday, 16 December 2016

Clothing Haul #Blogmas

In yesterday’s blog post I talked to you about my experience at the Nuremberg Christmas Market which you can read here. Today I am going to talk more on the shopping ‘part’ of the trip as well as giving you a run-down of the items I bought. If you’d like to see what makeup products I purchased you can read the blog post here.

To begin with, there were gigantic department stores that had at least 4 or 5 levels of different brands whether it was makeup, food, clothes – you name it ! Obviously I started with the makeup section and believe me when I tell you that I felt as though I was entering heaven – take a look at the photos and tell me what you think!

Onto the clothing section of this post. Just a little disclaimer before I begin: this is NOT my way of bragging – it is simply a haul where I tell you what I bought in hope of giving you some inspiration on what you can buy with the upcoming sales season or to give as gifts. I am only going to show you a photo of the items as I will later on do a couple of outfits with the new pieces.

The first thing I bought is a blue sweater. It’s so comfy! I love the texture and it will definitely keep you warm during the cold season. You can dress it up with a necklace or dress it down by throwing on a casual jacket over it.

Another thing I bought is a green bomber jacket. I already own a black one and I love it so much because I like to wear it when it’s not extremely cold as it isn’t that thick but you still want to cover up! This one is much more padded so it will definitely keep me much warmer.

Now this next item I haven’t worn or bought for at least 5 years (I think). I bought a blue vest with some fur attached to the hood. I love it so much – enough said.

The last thing I bought from this particular shop is a baseball cap. I’ve seen youtubers wear them all the time and although I own a black NIKE one; I feel this is more wintery. It has a velvety texture and it’s colour is a dirty pink.

All of the above items are from H&M.

I then bought a brown pair of booties with some heels and some fur on the outer part of the shoe (as if I don’t have enough boots). You can wear it for a lunch or dinner with family or friends – it’s also very comfortable despite the fact that it has heels. I purchased this item from the women’s section at Tom Tailor.

The last thing I purchased which is probably my favourite is this grey coat. I’ve been meaning to purchase a knee-length coat for a couple of months now but I didn’t find THE one…up until now! It’s so beautiful 💞 The brand is Yorn and I bought it from one of the department stores in Nuremberg.

And that brings us to the end of our clothing haul – hope you enjoyed it and hope that it gave you some sort of inspiration!

Take care everybody and have a great weekend.
With Love,

P.S.: Christmas is only 9 days away!

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