Saturday, 3 December 2016

Review: Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Foundation #Blogmas

Hi beauties!

Hope you had a great Saturday! Today I had quite a busy morning as we shot some outfit looks for upcoming posts and I'm super excited on how they turned out - can't wait for you to see them!

Today I will be reviewing the Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Foundation.

For today I did quite a simple makeup look but most importantly I wanted my foundation to stay on all day as I had a busy day and I knew I would not have any time to touch up my makeup. Also, it looked really flawless in photos so for all those photo-selfie addicts - this is the product for you! I have used Deborah Milano products before but to be completely honest with you, the last time I re-purchased my foundation I had bought it a shade darker that what actually suits me so it was only for that reason that I haven't used any of their products recently. 

I used the Deborah Milano Dress Me Perfect Foundation in the shade 03 Sand. I recently have been loving any type of foundations that contain some form of SPF and this one checks this box as it comes with SPF 15. I applied it after I moisturized my face and applied primer to help it stay on all day long; and then used a beauty blender to blend it in. This is a 30ml bottle so it will take you quite a while before it finishes especially if you will not use it on a day-to-day basis. Before you use it, make sure you shake it well. It felt extremely smooth and did not feel heavy on my skin. I found it very easy to blend it and to build it up to get the desired look. This product is not for those who are looking for medium-full coverage because I believe it is more on the 'medium coverage' but it does the job really well.

All in all, I will most definitely use this foundation again especially if I will be out all day as it stays on perfectly and it does not make your skin look or feel oily. You'll find this product alongside other Deborah Milano products at any of the Remedies Pharmacies.

Have you ever tried any Deborah Milano products? Let me know in the comments down below and if there are any of their products you'd like me to review list them down below!

I'll see you tomorrow!
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