Friday, 23 December 2016

Travel Essentials: Carry On Must-Haves + Airport outfit #Blogmas

Hi beauties,

I'd like to apologize for lacking on blogmas but university sucked the life out of me 😭 I'm going to try my best to get as many posts up as I possibly can!

For today's post I will be taking you though my carry on essentials and my airport outfit. A lot of people travel during the Christmas and festive period to spend some time with their loved ones so I thought this would be appropriate. Let's go!

I have to admit I'm quite an over packer but this time I made a promise to myself NOT to overpack. The only reason was so that I could have more space for things that I buy from there!!

1. Impulse Body Fragrance

The first thing I took with me is a travel-size fragrance. The limit of liquids or sprays that you can take with you is 100ml and these travel sized ones are only 75ml. I put them in a plastic bag as you have to take them out when you are doing your check in. I recently started using the Impulse Body fragrances and I have been carrying them wherever I go. They're small so they can even fit in your handbag where you can carry your essentials while you're travelling plus they're really good for refreshing yourself after you've had a long flight or a long day of travelling.  There are three different sets of Impulse Body Fragrance which you can also opt to give as a gift for Christmas as they're affordable and they're a great way of showing some love this Christmas 😍 You can find these sets in many local shops, however if you have any questions you can contact the Impulse Malta team on Facebook and they would be happy to help you. 

2. Headphones and/or a book

Whether you have a noisy or talkative person next to you on the plane and you want to politely tell them to leave you alone headphones are the way to go!! For those of you that do not like to listen to music on the plane, you can always take a book with you and it will keep you company throughout the flight!

3. A small makeup bag

I like to carry a small makeup bag in my hand-luggage (apart from all the makeup in the main luggage) for touch-ups especially if you arrive at your destination in the morning and you only have some time to touch up your makeup before you go out and start exploring the city! Pay attention to the milliliters of the products or the weight since this is a hand-luggage. What I like to do is take some samples with me so that it will be easier to carry. In my makeup bag I like to keep a mascara and a pencil eyeliner for touch ups, a lip balm for moisturizing my lips and a powder foundation with a sponge or brush and if your skin gets super oily some blotting sheets so that you can remove all the excess oil after you get off the plane.

4. Snacks

Who doesn't get hungry on flights? Plus sometimes I honestly don't want to pay for the over-priced products they offer on the plane so I like to take a couple of snacks with me for example nuts, cereal bars or a packet of crisps.

5. Gum

I mean after approximately 3 hours on a plane eating food and drinking you'd still want to get off the plane having a fresh breath so I suggest you take a packet of gum with you 😄

As for the outfit I tried to go for a super comfy outfit that I would be able to stay in for the whole flight plus the travelling to the hotel ect. afterwords. Since it was very cold weather in Germany I wore a neon yellow sweater and I threw on my chunky black jacket (I also had a thick black and white scarf). I then paired the knitwear with a pair of simple black trousers and my brown rider boots.

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