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Christmas Gift Guide for HIM #Blogmas

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I'm super sorry that this post did not go up yesterday and I have a very valid reason why I didn't do so! I'm actually abroad 😍 Our flight landed around 9pm and after we landed we went straight to dinner (it was AMAZING) and went to bed because we had a long day of travelling. But enough about that for now - I'll explain where I am and all those details very soon 😉

I want to thank everyone for taking part in our 1st giveaway that ended yesterday! The winner will be announced very shortly! On the other hand we now have a 2nd giveaway where you can win the following Deborah Milano goodies.

All the details on how to enter will be here.

Onto today's post! A couple of days ago I posted a gift guide for all those who wish to purchase a gift for a female someone and a lot of you requested a blog post with a gift guide for males. We all know that sometimes there aren't too many options for Christmas gifts to give to your male friends or boyfriend so I'm here to help. I bring you 10 gift ideas that are suitable for your brother, friend, cousin, dad, grandpa, boyfriend or husband! Let's start 😄

1.  365 Note Jar

Okay, this is something that takes quite a lot of time to prepare but I promise you if your significant other loves sentimental things - they'll love this for sure. This is mostly suitable for boyfriends or husbands but you can do it for anyone honestly! You can pick 3 colours; let's say pink, purple and white and let each colour have a different meaning to what there is written on every coloured paper. Every day (there will be 365 notes for each day) the receiver will pick a paper from the jar and see what it says. For instance:
    Pink: 'I love you because...' --> reasons why you love him
    Purple: 'Remember when...' --> memories you have with him
    White: Song Lyrics --> either lyrics that he loves or lyrics that have a special meaning to your                                                   relationship

You can write whatever you want on the colour paper - memories, lyrics, photos ect. Get creative!

2. Watch

I know this may be slightly on the pricey side but if you're buying a gift for your dad or grandpa I'd say JUST DO IT! They totally deserve it 💓

3. Box full of...

I know the title of this gift is a bit vague but I promise you you're going to love it. You can purchase these decorative boxes that you can find from a lot of stationers (you can also find in different shapes for example circles or hearts) and fill it with whatever you want. If the person you're giving the gift to is a chocaholic you may want to fill it up with mini chocolate bars and a couple of handwritten notes. If he loves looking back on memories of the two of you; you can print photos of you two in small sizes and fill a small box with memories. You can also write something on the back of each photo - either the date that it occured or what you loved mostly about that day! It's all about letting your creative juices flow here people!!

4. Frame with Photos

I'm really bad at coming up with names for the gifts - I know!! Basically what this is, is simply purchasing a frame of your choice and using something as a background - whether it is coloured paper or a fancy wrapping paper or a piece of canvas. Then you can hang mini pegs with some twine and choose your favourite 6 photos for example your first date, the day you had your first kiss ect. For those who wish to do this for your dad or for your grandpa you can choose photos of when you were born and your dad/grandpa held you for the 1st time, when you did your Holy Communion or Confirmation and they were right beside you holding your hand or when you grew up and took a funny selfie with them! If you're doing it for your friend or brother you can simply choose 6 of your favourite photos: when you spent a day together without actually fighting, when you went out and got ice-cream, when you went to that party together..the list is endless!

5. Tie or Shirt

There are SO many choices and options and styles and colours from where you can choose from. It all depends on your budget and on whether or not the receiver actually uses ties or shirts. I assume that your husband will definitely need a couple of shirts for work 😉

6. Football gear

I don't know about your friends but I had a couple of friends that were obsessed with having their name printed on their favourite football team gear. For instance writing your significant other name on a Manchester United shirt with the number of his favourite footballer!

7. Leather Wallet

This is pretty much self-explanatory ...

8. Tickets to see his favourite artist/band

I know this can be quite difficult to actually get your hands on but if you check which of his favourite artists/bands are on tour and pick a country which is not far away and one which is not very expensive you can go for a weekend get-a-way!

9. Recipe Book

If your brother or friend or whoever it is loves to cook you can purchase a cooking book of their favourite chef or of a world-renowned chef. There are so many great books by Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay and Guy Fieri amongst others.

10. Gym-rat

This is directly targeted to those that know of someone who is OBSESSED with going to the gym, eating healthy or weighing their food to see they're not exceeding their daily amount of calories. If you know of something they're really want, you can give it to them as a surprise whether its punching bag for boxing, boxing gloves, treadmill...the list goes I don't really know any more names of gym equipment HAHAH!

I tried to mix the type of gifts i.e. some DIY, some inexpensive ones and some that were on the pricey side. I hope this helped in some way and if you do end up buying a gift from these 10 items let me know in the comments section what you got them!

Don't forget today there is another post coming up very soon since I did not post anything yesterday!

Have a good day!

With Love,

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