Sunday, 25 December 2016

Outfit Post #Blogmas

I want to begin today's post by wishing everybody reading this a blessed Happy Christmas. I hope that you spent your day with your loved ones and that you enjoyed it to the full. I decided to post a blog post today as at this time most of you would be relaxing on the sofa and I thought it would be perfect timing to end the #blogmas on a good note! Hope you enjoyed it!

For this post I decided to give you a simple outfit look. Thank you goes to my friend Ilona for helping me out!

For this outfit Ilona wear a pair of blue jeggings together with a bright orange sweater to compliment the beautiful scarf she wore. She then threw on a light mustard coat since it was slightly windy and finished the outfit with a pair of black booties.


Unfortunately as I said in the beginning  this will be the last #blogmas post. I'm super sorry that I did not manage to get all 25 posts up but I did not know I was going to be this busy with life and university. I will be posting some updates on what will happen of Distorted Priorities later on this week. Thank you for your endless support and if you have any suggestions on blog post ideas feel free to message us on our facebook page.

With Love,

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