Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Reviewing & Testing Out New Products ft. Rimmel #1

A couple of weeks ago I received some products from Rimmel London Malta and I finally had the chance to try out these beauties. Today I'm here to tell you all about them. Without further ado, let's get started!

The products I received were the following:

  • Wonder'Fully Real Mascara
  • Brow This Way Brow Pomade Fix & Fill
  • Wonder Wing Eyeliner
  • Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eye-Pencil

Wonder'Fully Real Mascara

This mascara is suppose to focus mostly on length & volume. Its reach creamy black formula instantly stretches the lashes and the plastic bristles are perfectly designed for longer and fuller looking lashes. I have tried several Rimmel products before but I was still super excited to try out this new mascara. I loved how black it made my lashes look! I must say that it does lengthen my lashes so much and it does show that because it was easy for me to notice that as my natural lashes are quite short! I liked the volume that it gives too! The only thing that I didn't quite like is the fact that it doesn't really strengthen your lashes - in my case my lashes turned out quite 'spider-like' and clumpy which I don't really like. It can be due to the fact that I apply a generous amount of mascara but I wasn't 100% satisfied. However, I have to say that for the bottom lashes it does an amazing job!

Brow This Way Brow Pomade Fix & Fill

Mine was in the shade 003 Dark. For those of you who have been following the blog for a while know that I ALWAYS use the same products for my eyebrows but I have been trying out new products recently and I must admit this would be one of my favourites. It is so easy to fill in your brows with light strokes and you can really fill in your sparse areas effortlessly. Plus, it's amazing for carrying it with you because you obviously don't need a brush to apply this to your brows!

Wonder Wing Eyeliner

What I liked most in this product is the wing-shaped stamp applicator for symmetrical wings EVERY TIME. I love how black it is and how it allows you to go over the liner to intensify the darkness without erasing what you would have previously done.

Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eye-Pencil

OMG. This was by far my favourite product from all these four. Firstly, mine was in the shade 003 Brown. The shade was beyond perfect! It's this gorgeous golden brown shade and I loved using it for my applying natural looking eyeliner on my water-line. Plus, if you look closely at it you can see the stunning shade of brown - I don't know how to better explain this but it's amazing (it's got a really creamy texture too!) The only thing I didn't quite like in this product is that it is a big of a challenge to sharpen it and it's a pity! But other than that I would definitely buy it again.

Below is a makeup look that I created using all these four products (plus some other products!). The full makeup look that I have on will be up on the blog in the coming weeks.

Thank you once again goes to Clarette from Rimmel as well as Vivian Corporation for sending me over these products!

I hope you enjoyed today's post and I'll see you all soon!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography


  1. This is a great review and you look beautiful with all the products on, I love the scandeleyes eyeliner

    1. Thank you so much Nicki - I appreciate! xxx