Saturday, 9 December 2017

10 Gift Ideas for Her

Hiiii! I'm back with more gift ideas for all those who are still lost as to what gifts they can give to their loved ones! Today I will be sharing with you 10 gift ideas that you can give to your mother, grandma, sister, best friend, girlfriend or any other female in your life!

1. Purse/Handbag
One of a female's favourite accessory! There are so many options for this one with various styles, shades & colours. What is important is that you try and find a shade that is wearable for the other person and is a shade that is suitable for the other person.

2. Makeup
Haha! If the previous gift idea has various options this one has probably a thousand more! From eyeshadow palettes, to makeup gift sets, lip bundles or any of the receiver's favourite products there are so many brands here in Malta that you can purchase gifts from but if you would like to do it from the comfort of your home you can always shop online! I like to use either Beauty BayCult Beauty or Feel Unique. If you'd like to see more options on new makeup that you can purchase let me know and I will do a blogpost on that!

3. Scarf
Chunky scarves or even scarves that you can wear to add that little something to an outfit - they can be a great addition to a female's closet!

4. Accessories
From necklaces, rings, bracelets or watches the list is endless!

5. Shoes
Heels, flats or even a pair of sneakers or other sports related shoes would make a woman smile from cheek to cheek!

6. Perfume
Perfume in my opinion is suitable for those who might not know what to get someone else or maybe someone that they don't really know on a personal level for instance it may be your boss or a co-worker that you need to buy a present for! However, if you know maybe what scents she likes you can ask for help at the shop to find that perfect perfume bottle!

7. Kitchen Equipment
For all those who love to cook and bake, there are tonnes of shops in Malta that sell a lot of fancy kitchen equipment or utensils (for example a cheese board!) that might be what the receiver wants or needs - also perfect for anyone who just move into a new house! 

8. Books
If you know the person you're giving the gift to is a bookworm than hundreds of books are available and super inexpensive that would make a great Christmas present.

9. Hotel room for a night/Trip with Ryainair 
You can book a room for that special someone or for your mum to enjoy it with whoever she wants! If you don't know when she is available for a weekend break you can always opt for a voucher from her favourite hotel and she'll use it whenever she wants! Also, you can book a flight for her or pay for a voucher with for example Ryanair and they can choose their favourite destination to go to!

10. Concert Ticket
Concerts nowadays are becoming so popular because before in Malta it was something very difficult for us to get hold of concert tickets. If you know she likes for instance Sam Smith (I know I do, hint hint haha!!) then simply search for his concert tickets on his site and purchase your tickets!! Friendly tip: always get standing tickets - although your feet will kill your after 4 hours of standing up I believe they're the best tickets because you can be as close to the stage as you'd like (you can get there early) and you get to feel the atmosphere much more!

I will be sharing with you Gift Ideas for Him so if you're stuck on ideas - don't worry I got you! They're on their way!!

Deborah X

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