Friday, 15 December 2017

Review: Skinny Dip London Lip Products

Today I will be reviewing a brand that is new to me and I actually found out about a couple of days ago. My brother and his girlfriend gave me this a couple of days ago and being the makeup addict I am I literally screamed with excitement (actually I did the silent scream just like a 7 year old!). I got these adorable makeup bag (my family and friends know me so well because I got about three makeup bags in the past month!) as well as three lip products from this new brand. By 'new' I meant new for me haha!

The shades I got are Girl Gang, Flawless and Flamin' Hot. These came in a set and I love the variety of colours that these three lipsticks have. They are very long lasting and they have a soft matte finish so it doesn't dry totally matte but it's more of a soft matte. These products are also cruelty free so for those who are looking to purchase products that are not tested - these are for you!

wearing Girl Gang

wearing Flawless

The applicator is a bit different than your normal liquid lipsticks and it resembles more of a lip paint but it's still super easy to apply this on your lips. My lips were moisturized well after I had applied this so it doesn't dry your lips or flake after a couple of hours.

Girl Gang is this bright pink that is perfect for when you have a simple makeup look but you need a pop of colour to tie the whole look together. Flamin' Hot is a dark red-burgundy colour which is perfect for winter. My favourite out of these would definitely be Flawless and it actually competes with Chi by ColourPop. If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love ColourPop and their products and Chi is like my go-to nude matte liquid lipstick. However, there is something about Flawless that I really liked. It's a nude-ish colour but it has some peachy tones to it which makes it so different than other nudes! In fact I wore a bright orange-coral sweater the other day and I wanted something simple on my lips since I already had a bright colour and this new lipstick did the job so well! Plus, Chi is more of a brown-nude rather than a peachy-nude.

If you want to purchase any of these products or try out this brand you can do so by visiting their website right here.

Deborah X

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