Friday, 8 December 2017

4 DIY Sentimental Gifts for Christmas

I'm back with another blogpost. We're less than two weeks away for Christmas & I am so excited!! However, I haven't finished all of my Christmas shopping!!

For today's post I decided to talk about different types of gifts. During this time of the year, I like to go for DIY sentimental gifts especially for my loved ones just to show them how much I love them and how much I appreciate them. In my opinion receiving a gift you know the other person spent time and thought to create it rather than money is far more special! Therefore, today I will be sharing with you four ideas for these DIY sentimental gifts.

1. Open when letters
I don't know if you have heard of these but basically these are letters that you prepare for that special someone. You can pick a couple of topics or 'events' and write a small note for that topic. You can also include a small gift in it too! Then, we the receiver is feeling a certain mood they will open them in hope that you will be able to cheer them up.

For example you can do an 'open when you need motivation' one and you can write a letter to the person trying to motivate them and maybe include for instance a bar of chocolate to further motivate them! There are so many different options you can do and they are so inexpensive - you just need time!

2. Location Frame
This is particularly for all those romantic lovers! Basically this a really simple but cute idea. You can buy a frame that has more than one spot where to place the photos. Then pick three (or according to the number of spaces you have to place photos) important 'events' in your relationship; for instance where you first met, your first date & your first kiss. Go to google maps and type the location where each event occured. Print the location, mark it with a heart for example and place it in the frame. I hope you got the idea but hopefully the photo will help you understand me better - I think it's so sweet! You can still do this for your friend example where you first met, where you had your first adventure or where the location/country of your first vacation together!

3. 365 Note Jar
For this one the more creative you are the better! Basically you can do as many notes as you want (doesn't necessarily have to be 365) and you can include whatever you want. The fun part is choosing let's say three colours and colour co-ordinate these notes. For instance use pink notes to write reasons why you love the person, yellow notes to write your favourite memories with that person and blue notes to write lyrics from your favourite songs or from songs that are special to both of you! Obviously, you can also do these for your friends so it doesn't have to be only for your boyfriend/girlfriend!

4. Free Standing Wooden Letter
I LOVE these! They're so simple to do. All you have to do is order a free standing wooden letter of your choice - pick also the size you want it to be! You can easily do one at a carpenter. Then pick your favourite photos of the person you're gifting it to and simply place them in a collage format on the letter. If for instance your best friend's name starts with a 'B' order a wooden letter in the shape of a 'B' and then simply place the photos all over it!

I hope I am being in some way helpful when it comes to buying gifts for your loved ones! I have two more blogposts with regards to gifts prepared for you - one for females & one for males so stay tuned!


Deborah X

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