Sunday, 17 December 2017

Review: Skincare Products with Uriage

A couple of weeks ago I received a lovely package from Uriage here in Malta with some samples of the products they sell and they asked me if I could review it. Obviously, I said yes! I had used their Micellar Water before and I loved it so when I had the opportunity of trying out other products I couldn't say no!

The products I will review are the following:
- Global Skin-Care
- Thermal Micellar Water
- Exfoliating Mask
- Cleansing Gel

This product is recommended for oily skin and blemishes. It limits spots and blackheads. Once the skin gets rid of the blemishes and becomes matte and radiant, its texture is refined. The texture of this product is light, gentle cream with a matte and non-oily finish and rapid absorption.

This crystal-clear lotion transforms into an airy light foam that gently removes make-up and cleanses skin. Soap-free, it respects the natural balance of the skin, leaving it soft, comfortable and clear. I applied it all over my face to remove makeup and I also used it to remove my eye makeup. It didn't burn my eyes at all. Lately the makeup-remover wipes I have been using started to irritate my eyes after I'm done removing my makeup so I had to find a better alternative and this was perfect!

This product uses the absorption effectiveness of a mask and the exfoliating action of a scrub for a double effect on the skin. This treatment combines pleasure and gentleness thanks to its micro-beads, which are kind to the skin. I applied a fine layer on my face, left it on for around two minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. If you prefer using it as a scrub rather than a mask; you can apply it to wet face, massage gently with circular movements and then rinse-off.

And finally, the last product that I got to try out is the Cleansing Gel. This product eliminates impurities and after it's used it leaves the skin looking clearer, fresher and healthier. To use this product apply a small amount of gel in your hands and apply to a damp face and body and then rinse off thoroughly. You can use both mornings and evenings.

I will continue posting reviews on Uriage products and on new products that you can use to take care of your skin throughout the year, so stay tuned!

Uriage products can be bought from most pharmacies around Malta and Gozo. However, if you want a specific product or you need guidance on what products you should use contact the Uriage Malta Facebook Page and they'd be happy to help you out!

Until next time!

Deborah X

Photography: MCMifsud Photography

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