Thursday, 7 December 2017

25 Secret Santa & Stocking Fillers Ideas

I hope you're enjoying the blogmas material I am currently posting. With Christmas so close now I thought of helping you out by sharing with you some ideas that I have for those of you who are either looking for a gift for their Secret Santa or want to give a stocking to someone and have no idea what to put inside it!

1. Fuzzy Socks
I love these kind of socks. I don't know if it's just me but my favourite thing to do during Christmas time is run around the house with festive fuzzy socks while listening to Christmas songs - lame I know haha! However, you find really cute socks so if you're out of ideas on what to get your secret santa try a pair of these socks in their favourite colour, design or pattern!
2. Bed Slippers
If you want to go that extra mile, you can also fill these slippers with some of your secret santa's favourite things inside of them!!

3. Their favourite candy and chocolate
In my opinion, this is the best way to fill up your stocking because it's cheap plus you're 100% certain that the person receiving it would love it because who doesn't love food?!

4. Candle
I don't know if it's just me but I am OBSESSED with candles. There's something about them that is so relaxing and gets me in the mood to be productive plus there are so many scents to choose from!

5. Personalised key chain
There are various key chains that you can choose from. You can either go for a key chain that has the name of the person you're giving it to on the keychain or you can also go for those key chains which split into two and one person keeps half of it and the other person keeps the other half.

6. Mug
If the receiver of your gift is a tea or coffee lover, than trust me .. they can never have enough mugs!

7. Video Games or Card Games
If you know that the person maybe loves to play card games or has a playstation and would really like to purchase a particular game you can buy that for them and give it to them as a Christmas present!

8. Body Lotions
Body Scrubs, Moisturizers, lip balms, bath bombs, exfoliates, masks and any other items that are a necessity when the person receiving the gift decides to have a pampering night!

9. Travel Cup
If the gift is for someone who is always on the go or who is someone like me i.e. wakes up late and does not have time for their morning coffee, a travel cup is perfect because they can take their hot drink with them and drink it on their way to work or school.

10. Gifts in a Jar
You can be creative with this one. You can use a jar that you might have at home and fill it with some of their favourite items whether its a couple of different shades of nailpolishes, a couple of lipsticks if she is a lipstick junkie, spa in a jar where you can include scrubs, lotions and soaps or if you're giving the gift to a food lover you can prepare a simple recipe with the necessary activities and then all they have to do is use the ingredients to make the recipe for instance a chocolate chip muffin mix in a jar!

11. Makeup Bag
For all those makeup lovers, they'd be thanking you!

12. Makeup Brushes
Again, any makeup lover would love to have makeup brushes to improve their makeup game!

13. Lipsticks
There are so many affordable lipsticks at the moment that you can gift any lipstick junkie any shade of lipstick you could dream of!

14. Bobby Pins
If it's someone that can lose their bobby pins so easily, they'd be grateful they have a set of new clips to help them survive all the festivities!

15. Scarf
To keep them warm and toasty!

16. Beanie
To keep their head and ears warm!

17. Onesie
I have a zebra onesie and I love it to pieces!

18. Phone Cover
For all those who are so clumsy that they have a tendency to drop their phone..all the time!

19. Necklace or Bracelet
This can be such a sentimental gift. You can buy also these bracelets that you can purchase the individual charms with them that represent an event in their life for instance.

20. Rings
They are super affordable and in style right now!

21. Wallet
To keep all the money they have earned during Christmas!

22. Passport Pocket
For those who love to travel and need something to keep their passport safe because it is most probably their most priced possession!

23. Tie
For those men who like to have a tie with a different colour than the one they already have!

24. Reasons why I love you
If you want to be extra romantic you can do these hand written, put them in a small jar or envelope and include them as a stocking filler.

25. Frame
A frame with your favourite photo of yourself and the person you're giving the gift to so that they can always remember of you when they see it!

That is it for today!

I'll be back tomorrow with another brand new blogpost so stay tuned!

Deborah X

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